Is Yellowstone about to BLOW ?

Yellowstone is now experiencing three, and up to eleven, earthquakes each day. The Entire Park is now actively erupting gas at most Geysers and MELTING the Asphalt Roads. Early this year there were reports of a MASS migration of Animals at the Park and the Ground is rising at an alarming rate.

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Will the Volcano erupt soon?

Some are claiming it could, others see things differently.

“OK, I live in Wyoming, the park has been shacking for ever, its floating on a pool of lava, its going to shake. 12 in one day is nothing. Also due to all the geothermal heat the roads will melt from time to time, for peat’s sake there are pools of boiling water, the ground is going to be hot. Also, for you city folk, that know nothing of wild animals, they roam and migrate all the time, after the new year they come out of the park because there is no more pressure due to hunting,so its a good time for them to get out and about.  Buffalo, deer, elk, and antelope are always on the move, if they stayed in one place all the time they would over graze and destroy the land. Just something to ponder on, from some one who lives here.”

“If the eruption will occur, then – Yellowstone eruption would be the END OF THE WORLD ,at least for the US. Not to mention about the meltdown of many nuclear power plants…”

What will really happen when the Yellowstone super-volcano erupts?

There will be hundreds of earthquakes prior to the eruption. Unlike what you’ll see in certain television specials and Hollywood films, even a super eruption at Yellowstone wouldn’t endanger the whole United States. It also wouldn’t cause the kind catastrophe you might expect.

A super eruption might come fast and the Yellowstone magma source is enormous. But don’t expect walls of lava pouring across the continent. Lava flows would be likely be “within the vicinity of the park,” limited to a 30-40 mile radius. When a volcano erupts, at least a third of the liquid rock that’s ejected falls right back into the volcano’s maw. The rest lands nearby, or goes up into the atmosphere.

Most of the real damage comes from ejecta that’s airborne. But it’s not fiery death from above. Instead, most damage would come from “cold ash” and pumice borne on the wind. The disaster will occur when enough ash rains down that it creates a layer of 10 or more centimeters on the ground — and that would happen in a radius of about 500 miles or so. This ash might reach so far that you’d see a fine dusting of it on your car in New York. Here you’ll find more information about what could happen if Yellowstone super-volcano erupts.

However, no one really knows and it would be impossible for anyone to say for sure.

It may be years or decades away. This park goes through cycles and this may be one of those.

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