This Wristband Knows If You’re Too Drunk To Function

This-Wristband-Knows-If-Youre-Too-Drunk-To-FunctionWristband Lets Your Friends Know You’re Too Drunk To Function

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Usually, you can just look at your friend and realize they’ve had a little too much to drink. Well, there could soon be a wristband that can confirm your sneaking suspicion.


You’re at a club, dancing to a great DJ, and suddenly your wristband vibrates, signaling that one of your friends hasn’t responded to her wristband’s attempt to make sure she’s still conscious and in control. So you search the club and find your friend, extracting her from a potentially dangerous situation.

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That’s one of the core features of Vive, a technology concept created by University of Washington design and user experience students. It was one of the more noteworthy concepts presented this week at the annual Design Expo at the Microsoft Research Faculty Summit in Redmond.

The technology exists to make it work — including sensors to monitor alcohol and dehydration levels.

Another of the key elements is the fact that it isn’t just about preventing sexual assault or other compromising situations. There has to be another reason to get people to use the technology, so Vive would also connect to a smartphone and let users make connections at a party by tapping their wrists together with people they meet.

The video below encourages groups to sync through Facebook, that way they can kind of keep tabs on each other through their phones. While connected, the bracelet can notify your friends if you wander off and don’t respond to the check in. Using the GPS on their phones, your friends can go look for you, and as the video shows, they can make sure a sweaty drunk guy doesn’t take advantage of you.

Interesting concept, but might not work if every single one of your friends is wasted as well.

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