The world’s first weed-dispensing vending machine

Marijuana at the push of a button? Colorado welcomes the world’s first weed-dispensing vending machine

Machines already exist on the market in Californian medical dispensaries, but the ZaZZZ machine will focus on the recreational user

Colorado’s marijuana enthusiasts are in for a treat.

While similar consoles do already exist for registered dispensaries in states where the drug is approved for medical use, never before has a machine been aimed at the recreational user; enabling customers to purchase marijuana directly, rather than over the counter as it were.

The appropriately emerald-hued ZaZZZ machine, manufactured by American Green, was unveiled on Saturday in Avon, Colorado, stocked with Herbal Elements marijuana. And while the console won’t be available to the general public quite yet, its first outing certainly generated excitement.

the world's first weed-dispensing vending machine
Revolutionary: The green-stocked ZaZZZ machine was unveiled at a private event in Avon, Colorado on Saturday

Stephen Shearin, CEO of the machine’s parent company, Tranzbyte, who spoke to The Cannabist, describes the weed-purveying robot as: ‘An automated, age-verifying, climate-controlled marijuana dispensing machine.’

‘I envisioned something like this 20 years ago but didn’t think I’d live to see the end of prohibition against a plant of such great promise,’ he admits.

And while it does appear to take the convenience of buying marijuana to new levels of easy, the company claims it has covered its bases in terms of security.

 world's first weed-dispensing vending machine
Nifty: The dispenser (pictured) is aimed at recreational marijuana users in the future, but is still only available for medical-use license holders

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