Why We Shouldn’t Trust Fox News And Other Mainstream Media Outlets

Why We Shouldnt Trust Fox News And Other Mainstream Media Outlets
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News networks claim they are unbiased and balanced in their reporting. But it’s widely known that there are subtle political differences between the different networks, and they have misreported the facts many times in the past.

Should we be worried that they’re having a bad influence on people and society?

55% of Americans get their news from the TV…

The danger of untrustworthy news is that the public become misinformed and then act on that misinformation accordingly.

On the one hand misinformation might inspire people to foster unhealthy social attitudes based on race , gender or class.

While on the other hand they might use that misinformation to make important decisions such as who to vote for in the elections.

Which in turn affects the future course of the country’s well-being.

This is why political bias in the media is such a hot topic.

Is Everything in the Mainstream Media Fake?

The world of television and modern media has become a tool of de-evolution, propaganda and social control. Since the reign of Edward Bernays and the rise of the Tavistock Institute in the early 20th century, nearly unlimited resources have been applied to understanding how to manipulate the human psyche through television and other forms of mass media.

What we have today is an increasingly sophisticated full-spectrum assault on free will and psychological well-being, and we have come to a point where it is no longer even necessary for media institutions to attempt to hide their blatant work of manipulating public opinion, manufacturing consent, and creating winners and losers in the minds of the already brain-washed public.

Here are 6 examples where truth reveals that the impression the media is conveying to a dumbed-down, unsuspecting public differs greatly from what is actually happening behind the scenes.

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