WHAT IS WRONG with the system?


What is wrong with this flawed democracy that we all brag about and praise as an ideal system of government but fails to provide?

What is wrong with such a system that ultimately encourages corruption at the expense of the people who put their faith and hope for a better future?

What is wrong with the leadership that promises one thing to the electorate and then stabs them in the back to remain in power?

What is wrong with petty-politicians and “representatives” of the people who fail to act on behalf of the people but thrive on self-indulgence?

What is wrong with the Greek people who fail to learn form their mistakes and continue to elect unworthy politicians and petty-political parties?

What is wrong with us all who continue to support such a flawed system knowing that it thrives on lies, nepotism and corruption?

It is evidently clear that people here in Cyprus and Greece have both been betrayed by; the political elite; the parliament; the government; law enforcement agencies; the Judiciary; the banking system and by other failed institutions!

To the dismay of the electorate, Greece is having yet another general election for the reign of power has broken down; it broke down because the existing disgraceful system protects the establishment and not citizens!

The election of Syriza party offered hope that one-day great changes were about to take place in Greece but instead they fizzled out; just like Mr. Anastasiades’ shallow promises that have betrayed peoples’ trust!

Without a Revolution of the Mind nothing will ever change! That means people need to speak out against social injustice in demand for catharsis and a social-conscious education system (Paidea) that produces “anthropous” to think for themselves and not drones!

The current political system offers no such possibility and neither any incentives nor examples of good citizenship in a caring compassionate society! That is what’s wrong with the system of government and its time for a complete re-think!

Andreas C Chrysafis is an author, activist, he is a strong advocate and an outspoken campaigner against corruption and a strong supporter for Human Rights, Equality and respect for the Rule of Law.

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