‘What F-35 will do to ya’: Air Force general faints at Pentagon briefing on plane budget


Air Force general faints at Pentagon briefing on plane budgetAir Force Maj. Gen. James F. Martin Jr. fainted at the rostrum during a media briefing when he was talking about the F-35 plane in Pentagon on Wednesday.

The high-ranking officer was delivering a report on the Air Force budget and in particular about the future of the ill-fated F-35 program when he experienced a dizzy spell.

Assistant Air Force Secretary Carolyn Gleason rushed to Martin’s side and grabbed him by the arm. “That’s what the F-35 will do to ya,” Gleason was heard to say in a joke.

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On February 10, the Pentagon reported that troubled US F-35 fighter jet needs more engine changes.

The general was taken to a rest room and then to hospital for a medical check-up.

It was later revealed that he was suffering from a cold.

He returned to work Wednesday and was said to be fine, according to Air Force Times.


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