Water-Powered Cars Scientists Killed Or Forced To End Their Work

Thinking out of the box is something any scientist has always been good at. With each closing moment, they are getting better and better at unfolding mysteries.

Water-Powered Cars scientists

The endless issue of global change is among one of these mysteries. Although you may not know it yet, scientist’s have made many efforts, especially in the field of automotive industry.

We always start from the assumption that science overall has something to hide. The possibility to discover this is by closely looking into the research of some so-called scientists.

Now, coming back to the problem of climate change, scientists have discovered new data. A few of these researchers did accomplish some great things.

One of them, for example, would be the invention of car engines running solely on water.

Where do you think the world be now if something like this would have caught on? But, unfortunately, researchers did not receive the necessary support from people.

Chances are high that we would not be wasting time nowadays preoccupying ourselves with global issues such as pollution and climate change, if these inventions would have caught on.

Reason Behind Their Extinction

The reason for this are the ones leading the society. They are the people who failed to support such inventions, for fear of destroying their own businesses.

Along with the scientists who built them, some of the greatest creations have become lost in time. Water-powered cars have long been threatening the U.S foreign policy. So, in order to maintain the oil industry at its peak (middle East especially), the majority of scientists ended up either silenced or killed.

It’s a shame to see how the industry throughout time has suppressed so many inventors from doing what they do best.

Herman Anderson is one of these scientists. Born in 1918 in Tennessee, he became famous for his distinguished career at NASA. With the main role of making experiments on rockets powered by hydrogen, Anderson ended up resigning. Why? To achieve his own dream: create a water powered vehicle which he believed could change the world.

Water-Powered Cars 3 scientists

And so he did. He created a Chevy Cavalier running only on water. But, he ended up receiving a ban from further manufacturing or selling. The reason for this, they say, is because of the increased levels of radiation emitted by the car.

Becomes pretty absurd knowing how every car on the face of the earth produces various levels of radiation. In the end, scientist Anderson gave up on his work.

The dream itself died along with him in 2004. All we have now are just some bits and pieces of how he managed to accomplish all this. The video below shows clearly what he had in mind.

Many More Scientists to Come

Just like Anderson, scientist Stanley Meyer is also known for his ingenuity.  The water-powered car seems to have also been among his inventions. As a citizen of the U.S., Meyer came up with “water fuel cell”. His theory was simple: any car powered by this mechanism would undoubtedly run only on water.

For his great achievement, even the Pentagon displayed interest. Later on, Meyer was even filmed while driving what appearred to be a car powered by a water-engine.

Meyer has also received much attention from the British Advanced Energy Institute (BAEI), which focused on exploring his work. They said:

“We recently sent a delegation to witness Stan’s work, to really evaluate it. This is one of the most important inventions of the century.”

Water-Powered Cars 1 scientists

Seeing how all was going well and society began to accept such inventions, Meyer was tricked. At the end, he was double-crossed. 1998 is the year Meyer was murdered.

While with his brother, he enjoyed a drink with two Belgian men who had introduced themselves as being fellow scientists interested in his work. After the Belgians departed, it appears Meyer started to fell sick and ran outside holding his neck.

“I ran outside and asked him, ‘What’s wrong?’ ‘They poisoned me.’ That was his dying declaration.”

The scientist managed to utter these exact words. After his death, it only took one week for the federal officials to confiscate all his research along with the inventions.

Yet again, another great scientist lost to time. We have lost another breakthrough without knowing how it would have ended.


Another Scientific Breakthrough

Although not the first to do it, scientist, Steve Ryan was also famous. This New Zealand inventor also discovered how to make the use of water more efficient than regular fuel.

Furthermore, he invented a useful  gadget. The proprietary catalyst could offer the possibility to mix water in with waste fuel, in order to obtain fuel. Slowly, Ryan became known to the public. Even the Environmental Protection Agency analyzed the composition created by Ryan.

In 20015, he demonstrated this theory using a bike. He powered it with water and then drove it 50mph on the highway.

Scientist Ryan went as far establishing his own company, BiosFuel.

But, his dream of selling bikes powered by water never came true. The company was presumed dead after it issued a statement:

“Due to political and economical reasons, we are unable to sell the motorcycles.”

The Cherry On Top

If you think what you have heard by now is bad, wait for the biggest scoop. Something even bigger went down.

Scientist Tom Ogle is the reason for this. Despite the fact that he did not invent an engine powered by water, he came up with something else.

His invention, the “filter” was really close from eliminating in general oil engines, mostly in cars. Its main role was to replace fuel pumps and carburetor from the engine. Overall, the results turned out to be amazing. The new filter made it possible for a car to travel up to 100 miles using a single gallon of fuel.

Water-Powered Cars 2 scientists

But, slowly problems started to come in his way.  It was too good to be true after all.

After his wife divorced him, on April 14th, 1981 Ogle was shot.  Even though he survived the shot, he received severe damage. Furthermore, the shooter never got arrested.

Slowly, he lost sight of his dreams and started drinking. 19th August 1987 he was reported to have collapsed and died at a friend’s apartment. If you wish to find out more, information on him and his inventions, they are still available.

So, after knowing all this and the bizarre circumstances that these scientists found themselves into after being famous, what can we deduce? Are the high officials guilty for their inventions never reaching the top? For now, questions sill remain.

The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors/source and do not necessarily reflect the position of CSGLOBE or its staff.

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