Watch Chris Rock Expose Government Drug Dealing and Mock Big Pharma!

Watch Chris Rock Expose Government Drug Dealing and Mock Big Pharma

Ain’t no money in the cure, money’s in the medicine

The pharmaceutical companies make their money from people needing regular medication and not by developing cures. We “cannot” even find a cure for the common cold but we are exploring space, visiting other planets and landing satellites on comets. Makes you question the real agenda of the pharmaceutical industry.

Ain’t that the truth… NPR recently exposed that “a Pro Publica investigation shows that many doctors are being paid by the same drug companies whose medicines they prescribe.”

The article continues:

“An investigative report by ProPublica probes the relationship between doctors, pharmaceutical companies and the manufacturers of medical devices, and finds that some doctors make hundreds of thousands of dollars as consultants or for speeches at medical conferences.”

You can listen to, or read the transcription of, the interview here:

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