War Against GMO – Germany Is The Next To Ban Them

Germany Is The Next To Ban ThemSince recently, Germany take steps to protect their land and ban crops that have been genetically modified.

The Ban of GMOs

It all started with a directive which got passed in April 2015.

According to the European Parliament, the Member States have the power to decide. Its either they continue to cultivate GMO’s (genetically modified organisms) or ban them from their territories.

As it may seem, Germany is not the only country to say no to GMO cultivation.

While some members already have bans, other are trying to establish them.

Here are just a few of them: Wales, Austria, Bulgaria, Italy, Latvia, Scotland, Croatia, Bulgaria, Greece, Hungary, Poland and many more.

The ban enforced by Germany comes as no surprise. For too long, researchers have tried to do things differently when it comes to genetically modified crops.

Unfortunately, major GMO producers will be affected. DuPont Pioneer and Dow Chemical will face rejection.

Its been more than 15 years since they have been waiting to get their hands on an executive permit for the cultivation of GMO. Not only from Germany, but from other EU countries as well.

The German Agriculture Ministry did make an announcement:

“The cultivation of genetically modified corn is incompatible with the use of arable land in Germany.”

Monsanto also seems to have criticized members such as Greece and Latvia for their decision to opt out.

Other Countries Coming Along

Hungary also took a decision. About six years ago, they enforced the GM  ban. They managed to do this by destroying 1,000 acres of illegal GM.

In fact, Hungary is the first country in the EU to ever go against transgenic seeds.

The ban implemented by Germany is indeed an ice breaker. All we have to do now is wait and see what will come of the merger between the Germany-based Bayer, and U.S.-based Monsanto.

Agricultural companies continue to grow and slowly as time passes they can achieve their plans to monopolize the seed market.

Even Bill and Melinda Gates attempted to advocate for GMOs . Here’s what they had to say:

In the end, we the people are the ones who decide what to consume and what not. It’s a matter of choice, and in today’s world, everyone has it.

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