Walter Scott Shooting: What They’re NOT Telling You

The real narrative the media hides

Walter Scott Shooting: What They're NOT Telling You

Nothing has done more to fuel the national debate over police tactics than the dramatic, sometimes grisly videos: A man gasping “I can’t breathe” through a police chokehold on Staten Island, a 12-year-old boy shot dead in a park in Cleveland. And now, perhaps the starkest video yet, showing a South Carolina police officer shooting a fleeing man in the back.

The videos have spurred calls from statehouses to the White House for more officers to attach cameras to their uniforms.

While cameras frequently exonerate officers in shootings, the recent spate of videos has raised uncomfortable questions about how much the American criminal justice system can rely on the accounts of police officers when the cameras are not rolling.

Only by acknowledging the twin problem of violence within both the black community and the police community can we create a better understanding between those on the left and the right, and eventually create a safer environment for both police officers and black people.

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In the month of March alone, cops in the United States killed more people than cops in the UK killed in the entire 20th century.

U.S. cops kill people at a rate 70 times higher than any other country in the first world.


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