VIDEO: Drones Died so Science Can Have This Amazing Footage of an Exploding Volcano


Amazing helicopter drone footage shows what it’s like inside an active volcano

The inside of an active volcano, complete with bubbling lava and toxic gasses, has been filmed up close with a set of helicopter drones that have GoPro cameras attached to them.

Last year, explorer and filmmaker Sam Cossman was insane enough dive into an exploding volcano on the Ambrym Island in Vanuatu and lived to tell about it.

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This time, common sense seems to have won the battle over bravery and insanity.

Instead of volcano diving one more time, Cossman brought some drones mounted with GoPro cameras to capture some awesome footage of the volcano — because you know, drones are expandable and humans are not.

Of course, it was not all fun and games.

According to the National Geographic, Cossman and his team were actually there to capture high-def videos and photos of the Marum Crater that will help scientists better understand volcanos and the life that surrounds it.

“For the first time, we were able to determine the exact dimensions of Marum’s lava lake, one of the world’s rarest volcanic features,” Cossman told TIME Magazine.

“Precise measurements, such as the crater’s volumetric mass, for instance, are useful in understanding the level of energy required for an eruption… and informs potential risk levels for the future.”

Unfortunately, this little adventure didn’t go without some casualties, sacrifices had to be made.

Cossman and his team lost two drones because of the intense heat of the 2,000-degree volcano to get some magnificent shots over the 7.5 mile-wide caldera.

Rest in peace, brave drones. You’ve made your fellow flying machines proud.


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