Upcoming Lawsuit Reveals Sanders Was The Winner

Upcoming Lawsuit Reveals Sanders Was The Winner 1What if Bernie Sanders was, in fact, the real winner of the 2016 California Primary Election? What if the rumors about 2/3 or more of his votes being removed are indeed true? Maybe this lawsuit will tell us the truth.

What is really happening behind the democratic party?

There will be a recounting of all the unconsidered ballots, thanks to this lawsuit. In Sanders’ opinion, those votes will make him become the winner in California.

As a matter of fact, that day many voters have lost their right to vote. The staff has intentionally ignored their opinion.

But now, there is hope to find the truth.

Within the California primary elections, the establishment has used many tactics in order to impose their will on the election.

These include media occlusion, fraud, voter suppression, and others.

Unexpected Lawsuit Hits the Media

We all know that the press is not always popular among the public. In this case, there seems to be a great difference among the party supporters.

First of all, Clinton supporters, either hackers, Correct the Record and even reporters have not received any rude treatment. On the other hand, no one has shown the same respect for the members of the press siding with Sanders.

Upcoming Lawsuit Reveals Sanders Was The Winner

Yet more proof can confirm this as being valid. In this case, Correct the Record come again into the discussion. Although they paid hackers to place child pornography on Bernie Sanders socializing page, they had already finalized a big deal .

Clinton supporters encountered no issues in receiving the best filming location in San Pedro. Unlike them, the news coverage supporting Sanders were denied this occasion from the very start.

During that election night, many reporters admitted that reporters favoring Sanders were in fact treated differently. But, not in a good way. Apparently, asking questions very politely did anger Reginald Hubbard and Jesse Cornett.

In consequence, the reporters received threats. Whether it was done by confiscating their press credentials, loss of gear or even banishment from the event, the message seemed clear.

This lawsuit does, in fact, appear to have strong reasons backing it.

This was just the beginning. According to confessions, reporters supporting Sanders were even denied good spots. Actually, it appears their placement was strategic.

Overall, organizing members did not allow the pro-Sanders press near the sound boxes, even though they had promised them that. Instead, the distorted speakers are what they got at the end.

One of these reporters taking part in the debate even gave up attending the event. According to her, she was forced to endure a level of rudeness that goes beyond her understanding.

Will the Lawsuit Reveal Something Else?

Giving provisional ballots within California to NPP voters was a mistake. It appears this act was, in fact, illegal. Apparently, poll workers have received such instructions in a video.

Also, AP has decided, the night before the election, to support Clinton. He took this decision only after knowing that Clinton did not have enough delegates by her side. It seems they did this with the intention of suppressing the ballots.

Throughout his campaign, Bernie Sanders has stated more than once:

“If there is a large turnout we will win, If there is a very large turnout we will win huge. If there is a low turnout, we will lose.”

Despite the large turnout, Bernie did not win. How can this be, we wonder.

Enough evidence has been brought to the surface which can explain why a lawsuit is in the making. Sanders would have won, there is no denying.

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