United States Military Support in Ukraine ?

United States Lies in Attempt to Build Support for Military Intervention in Ukraine


The United States has repeatedly attempted to rally support for a Ukrainian intervention, and the propaganda used to attempt to influence the public hasn’t always been truthful. Every trick in the book has been used in an attempt to gain the population’s support for a military intervention that would forever leave the Ukrainian people, the European and American powers indebted.

Initially the United States began by stating that previous treaty obligations would require them to intervene. Of course, once it was pointed out that the treaty was signed with the recently deposed and democratically elected former President Yanukovych, the propaganda machine switched gears.

Without any evidence, US news outlets began to insinuate that Yanukovych poisoned his rival after losing to him in a runoff election. It was never even proven that the Dioxin poisoning his opponent suffered was intentional; much less that Yanukovych had anything to do with it.

Then, of course, there was the recent downing of a Malaysian flight. Immediately the United States media blamed Russia. Then it had to backtrack to say Russian-backed rebels. Then it had to admit that there was no direct evidence of Russian involvement.

But the US media still dutifully talks about other cases when Russia mistakenly shot down an airliner, or the media brings up how the rebels have shot down other planes. News organizations do their best to gloss over the fact that the other planes were Ukrainian war planes.

They rarely mention the time when the United States blew an Iranian airliner out of the sky and tried to blame the Iranian pilot for the whole incident. The US has never formally apologized.

Now the US puppets in the Ukrainian government are claiming they have been shelled by Russian troops. Meanwhile, the Russians are stating the Ukrainians shelled their soil. Given the constant misinformation and lies put out by the government, it is probably best to believe the Kremlin.

As has recently been the case, the US ally in the fight has been attacking civilian population centers with indiscriminate weapons according to Human Rights Watch.

Source | J.K – TheAntiMedia

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