This Unique City Operates Without Politics, Religion, or Money

This Unique City Operates Without Politics Religion or MoneyWhile you’re probably thinking that a city without money, religion, or politics could have only existed in ancient times, the truth is that this type of city actually exists today.

This society has broken away from the traditional societal mold in search of something better.

Known as ‘Auroville,’ this city was declared an international entity shortly after it was founded in 1968. Today, it rests in South India, about 150 kilometers away from Chennai, Madras.

The people of Auroville hail from over 50 different countries and cultures, have zero political bodies, religious organizations, and have no use for money.

The buildings in the city inspire awe, as they’ve all been built using experimental architecture that seeks to utilize renewable energy sources.

Mirra Alfassa, otherwise known as “Mother,” founded this amazing city on the notion that there should at least be one place on our planet that no man can claim as their own:

“There should be a place on Earth that no nation could claim as their own; where all human beings of good will who have a sincere aspiration could live freely as citizens of the world, obeying one single authority, that of the supreme truth.

A place of peace, concord and harmony where all the fighting instinct in man were used exclusively to overcome the cause of their sufferings and miseries, to overcome their weaknesses and ignorance, and to triumph over their limitations and disabilities.

A place where the needs of the spirit and interest of progress precedence over the satisfaction of desires and passions or the pursuit of pleasure and material enjoyment.”

This Unique City Operates Without Politics Religion or Money 1The city works every day to be a shining role model for other cities and townships that are seeking out self-sustainable practices.

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At the moment, this city uses a multi-cropping agricultural system that combines fruit trees, cornfields and orchards across 15 farms and an area of 160 hectares.

This Unique City Operates Without Politics ReligionAdditionally, the city’s milk and dairy production is completely self-sustainable, and fruit is always in season.

The United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) is the group that provides protection for Auroville, as they push to further exemplify what life might look like for future generations.

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