Is the U.S. preparing for a second civil war?

The internet is awash with reports of government agencies stockpiling weapons and medical supplies in the face of looming domestic unrest — but is there any truth behind the rumors?

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Is the U.S. preparing for a second civil war?

Predicting mass civil breakdown. How will we know when to duck?

In the event of a 2nd Civil War the USA will not survive as a single, sovereign nation. America will self destruct like a house of corporate cards on a government paper plate in the middle of an oil slicked lake of civilian gasoline.

The first civil war was caused by economics. A handful of people had the economic power to sway southern opinion against the federal government.

The second civil war will also be caused by economics. A handful of corporate people have the economic power to not just sway political opinion against the federal government but to cripple the US economy and war machine.

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As it was yesterday it is so today. The argument is who holds the economic power and I think we all know the answer to that already. It’s the corporations.

If the government is preparing for a war against its own people, ( I wouldn’t be surprised if that is true) this is the time we should all put our differences aside. Because in the end it’s us versus them, and the only way we can be defeated is by being divided.

Personally I’m at peace with the fact that one day I will die, I am no longer afraid to die, so no matter what I’m not giving in to this tyrannical system and I will fight for what’s right. I don’t advocate violence but I will protect myself and others at all cost. They can only kill me once, so might as well make it special…

*The end date of the Civil War was wrong. April 9, 1865 not May 9 – typo

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