Top 10 STRANGEST Planets In The Known Universe

Top 10 STRANGEST Planets In The Known Universe

From an ice planet that’s on fire to a strange planet made of solid diamond, we look at 10 of the strangest planets in the known universe!

For thousands of years, astronomers had only the planets of our solar system to study. The first planets were discovered through the strange movement they exhibited in the night sky, different to the other stars. Greeks first referred to these irregular stars as wanderers, as translated from the old Greek word ‘planan’.

The incredibly complex nature of planetary systems were first hinted at when Galileo looked at Jupiter through a telescope and noticed that celestial bodies orbited the gas giant, discovering what would eventually be referred to as the Galilean satellites.

In 1994, the first planet outside of our solar system was discovered. Dr. Alexander Wolszczan observed unusual variations in the signal of a pulsar known as Beta Pictoris, proving the existence of up to three planets in orbit.

Since that discovery, at least 1,888 more exoplanets have been revealed, leading to a revolution in the way scientists understand planetary formation – and even the evolution of the universe as far back as 13 billion years.

The most bizarre planets in the known universe sometimes sound more like than science fiction than hard science, occasionally confounding researchers simply through their existence.

If you want to research some of these planets in more detail here are their names in order as they appear in the video.

10. J1407 b
9. HD 106906 b
8. TrEs-2b
7. 55 Cancri E
6. Gliese 436b
5. WASP-12b
4. Gliese 581c
3. GJ 1214b
2. WASP-17b
1. HD 188753

What do you think is out there? We’ve barely scratched the surface and look at the crazy things we’ve found out in our galaxy…

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