Top 10 Facts about Area 51 – One of the Best Known Secret Places on Earth

Top 10 Facts about Area 51 – One of the Best Known Secret Places on EarthSince its establishment in the 1950s, Area 51 has attracted the interest of a large number of people, keen to discover what lies behind the perimeter of the closely guarded military airbase.

The secret location in the Nevada desert has been off limits to the public for nearly sixty years, including a large no fly zone in airspace nearby.

The lack of information available has led to wild speculation about its real purpose.

In fact, to many, Area 51 has become a term associated with outlandish conspiracy theories about extraterrestrial life and government cover-ups.

But all of this has diverted attention away from some of the important developments that have taken place at the base over the years, things which have remained relatively unknown among the public.

Area 51 has been the site of on-going secret programs run by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) since its inception. Used principally to test new technologies, some of the military’s most advanced air capabilities began their working life at the base.

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Work at the site continues to be developed today, with the latest satellite images indicating that new buildings are being constructed. However, their purpose remains unclear.

This video tells some of the surprising facts about one of the best-known secret places on earth:

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