Toothpaste: The Fluoride Myth

Is Fluoride Toothpaste Toxic When Used as Directed?

Here’s another thing that infuriates me: Most toothpaste manufacturers infuse their products with tempting artificial flavors that actually entice kids to swallow more toothpaste than they otherwise normally would. Can you blame them with candy-like flavors such as “whacky watermelon” and “sparkling strawberry”??

ColgateThe fact is that we all ingest a small amount of the ingredients in our toothpaste each time we brush our teeth — even if we can avoid swallowing toothpaste residue — because they are absorbed through the mouth’s gingival, sublingual, lingual and buccal tissues directly into the blood.

Does that mean that death by toothpaste is unavoidable because we simply can’t rinse away the risk? Not if I can help it!

In Part II of this report, I will provide you with practical solutions to preventing and even reversing toothpaste toxicity, the best natural brands that are free of harmful chemicals and instructions on how to make your own naturally safe toothpaste.

Today, toxicologists know much more about the harmful effects of fluoride compounds in our water and toothpaste than they did in the 1950s, when fluoride toothpaste made its debut. Fluoride is indisputably toxic when ingested in high doses or in smaller doses over decades. Recently, the Environmental Working Group, a watchdog organization, petitioned the National Institutes of Health to declare fluoride a known carcinogen because it disrupts DNA function in our cells. John Yiamouyiannis, in his book, Fluoride and the Aging Factor, describes how the fluorine ion disrupts enzyme activity and attacks DNA and protein.[divider]

Fluoride Politics and Shabby Science: A Deadly Duo

What should be crystal clear to you by now is that ever since the 1950s, when Procter & Gamble first brought fluoride toothpaste to our embrace, trusting Americans have been slowly poisoning themselves with a toxic chemical recognized as safe and effective by the ADA, an organization that, in my opinion, should not be trusted.

You may be surprised to learn that fluoride was formerly used as a rat poison and insecticide. So how did we get to a place where the ADA and millions of dentists promote the use of fluoride as a valuable decay-preventive treatment for people of all ages?

The results of my investigation led to three conclusions:

1. Well-meaning scientists misinterpreted questionable data derived from poorly constructed early studies on fluoride toxicity and the effects of water fluoridation and fluoride use in dental care products on the prevalence of cavities.

2. Toothpaste manufacturers seized upon a marketing opportunity generated by flawed fluoride research and the ADA’s questionable enthusiasm for fluoride. They capitalized on our national obsession with “feeling clean” by adding toxic detergents to their products and maximized profits by replacing natural ingredients with cheaper, synthetic ones.

3. The fundamental reason our government tenaciously supports mass fluoridation of municipal water supplies and promotes the use of fluoride-laced dental-care products is the same reason it advocates the use of highly-toxic mercury amalgam fillings: as an inexpensive way to reduce social inequalities in dental health.

FAST FACT: By the time our kids reach adulthood, they wind up with the same number of cavities as children in countries that ban fluoride in their water supplies.

How Fluoride Can Ruin Your Child’s Smile

Dental fluorosis – discoloration and mottling of the enamel and dentin layers of teeth – occurs as a result of excess fluoride ingestion during tooth formation. In a child’s permanent teeth, this typically begins with the lower incisors, which undergo complete mineralization at approximately 2–3 years of age, and ends after mineralization of the third molars.

fluorosisYou’ve most likely seen fluorosed teeth before – those that have white flecks against a darker background. In 1999-2004, children aged 12-15 had a higher prevalence of dental fluorosis compared with children of the same age in 1986-1987. That type of discoloration is due to enamel subsurface that has been permanently damaged by fluoride ingestion. This is because too much fluoride can disrupt proper mineralization in a young child’s teeth; with more severe dental fluorosis, pitting and a loss of the enamel surface occurs, leading to secondary staining, which appears as a brown color. Regrettably, such pitting and staining lasts a lifetime. Research by the National Institute of Dental Research suggests that dental fluorosis increases tooth decay.

As a result of this increase in childhood fluorosis, the Department of Health and Human Services and Environmental Protection Agency recently recommended changing the amount of fluoride in drinking water for the first time in 50 years. Now, all community water supplies will contain a uniform amount of fluoride. The Agency proposed the historic change because of an unprecedented increase in fluorosis.

Dental fluorosis is much more than merely a cosmetic problem—it is also a visible sign of chronic fluoride poisoning. This occurs because we only excrete 50% of the fluoride we ingest from all sources. The remaining fluoride is disseminated throughout the body, accumulating in our bones, pineal gland, and cardiovascular system.

Fluoride And Your Brain

Human studies conducted in ChinaIndiaIran and Mexico that show a substantial reduction IQ in fluoridated areas. Fluoride ingestion has been shown to increase the body’s absorption of aluminum by over 600%. Aluminum ingestion has been linked to increased risk of Alzheimer’s disease and other neurological problems including ADD, ADHD and Parkinson’s. Is it a coincidence that the rate of Alzheimer’s is twice as high in the U.S. than in Europe, where many countries have banned fluoridation?

By Joshua Corn |  LiveInTheNow


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