Tiny owl unfazed by road encounter with Colorado cop (PHOTOS, VIDEO)


Tiny owl unfazed by road encounter with Colorado cop

A sheriff’s deputy in Boulder, Colorado, has met an owl, quite tiny, but with attitude! The officer tried to speak to it – watch how it responded.

Deputy Sophie Berman spotted the owl on a dirt road as she was patrolling the area.

She kneeled to take a video of the bird and the diminutive owl merely clicked and stared wisely.

“Our Sheriff’s Office deputies were driving near a campground on July 23 when they were stopped in their tracks by this young northern saw whet owl,” the video’s caption on YouTube reads.

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“After some curious head twisting (on both sides) it safely flew away,” the caption went on.

The video garnered over 700,000 views in just two days, and the tweet about the owl incident has been reposted over 3,000 times.

YouTube users reacted with comments such as: “You shall not pass!” and “Don’t go any feather.”

By the way, the “baby” owl could in fact be an adult: northern saw whet owls are usually not more than 20cm long, with females being slightly larger.


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