Tiny Humans Lost In The Majesty Of Nature


Here are some of the most incredible photos of humans lost in nature, highlighting just how small we really are.

All around us are towering trees, waterfalls, and even animals that largely supersede our size.

The clouds are so high above our heads we can’t even reach up to touch them, not even perched on the shoulders of your tallest friend.

Yet somehow we all grow up thinking we are big, big enough to have real world problems.

We feel so large and in charge in our everyday lives, where 6 feet tall seems like a grand height.

Take a deep breath and relax, learn to have a little bit more fun. After all, we are only tiny humans.

The above photo, taken in Mansfield Victoria, Australia, depicts just how small humans are in comparison to the nature that surrounds us.

Billions of people call planet earth home, although it too is a small dot on a grander scale.

The Voyager 1 took an image of our solar system from 4 billion miles away, and all that you could see in proof of our incredible home was a very small speck. Astronomer Carl Sagan comments on the photo from deep space,

“If you look at it, you see a dot. That’s here. That’s home. That’s us. On it everyone you know, everyone you love, everyone you’ve ever heard of…”

Tiny-Humans-Lost-In-The-Majesty-Of-Nature Tiny-Humans-Lost-In-The-Majesty-Of-Nature-1 Tiny-Humans-Lost-In-The-Majesty-Of-Nature-2 Tiny-Humans-Lost-In-The-Majesty-Of-Nature-3

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Tiny-Humans-Lost-In-The-Majesty-Of-Nature-4 Tiny-Humans-Lost-In-The-Majesty-Of-Nature-5 Tiny-Humans-Lost-In-The-Majesty-Of-Nature-6 Tiny-Humans-Lost-In-The-Majesty-Of-Nature-7 Tiny-Humans-Lost-In-The-Majesty-Of-Nature-8 Tiny-Humans-Lost-In-The-Majesty-Of-Nature-9 Tiny-Humans-Lost-In-The-Majesty-Of-Nature-10 Tiny-Humans-Lost-In-The-Majesty-Of-Nature-11 Tiny-Humans-Lost-In-The-Majesty-Of-Nature-13

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Tiny-Humans-Lost-In-The-Majesty-Of-Nature-14 Tiny-Humans-Lost-In-The-Majesty-Of-Nature-15 Tiny-Humans-Lost-In-The-Majesty-Of-Nature-16 Tiny-Humans-Lost-In-The-Majesty-Of-Nature-17 Tiny-Humans-Lost-In-The-Majesty-Of-Nature-18 Tiny-Humans-Lost-In-The-Majesty-Of-Nature-19 Tiny-Humans-Lost-In-The-Majesty-Of-Nature-21 Tiny-Humans-Lost-In-The-Majesty-Of-Nature-22

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Tiny-Humans-Lost-In-The-Majesty-Of-Nature-23 Tiny-Humans-Lost-In-The-Majesty-Of-Nature-24 Tiny-Humans-Lost-In-The-Majesty-Of-Nature-25 Tiny-Humans-Lost-In-The-Majesty-Of-Nature-26

Photo Credits | Lizzy Gadd, Alex Wise, Marsel Van Oosten, Michael Nichols, Kai Young, lurie Belegurschi, Joshua Meador,  Przemyslaw Kruk, Max Rive, Dmitriy Vorobey, Reinhard Gaemlich, Wim Denijs, Ivan Letochin, Troy Montemayor, Jan Machata, Casey Mccallister, Orvar Atli, Robert White, Piotr Krzaczkowski, Nicolaus Wegner, Peter Svoboda,Dan Carr, Max Rive, Michael Matti, Stephen Emerson, Francesco Vaninetti, Alex Emanuel Koch 


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