This Surrealist Painter Creates Amazing Optical Illusions

Surrealist painter Octavio Ocampo is one of the most prolific artists widely known for his metamorphic painting technique.

His versatile paintings provoke the viewer’s curiosity and can be interpreted in several ways when viewed from different distance or angle.

Octavio Ocampo creates images with a technique of superimposing and juxtaposing realistic and figurative details.

Small images, made with great detail, are woven together as a part of a greater image, whose intention can only be perceived when noticed from a larger scale. Optical illusions fade back and step forward in an ongoing brain “game”, challenging the observers to discover their meaning. This is what Ocampo himself terms as “metamorphic” style. Although several of his paintings are considered sardonic and evocative, he has proven that he is a truly skilled illusion master, who creates thought provoking art with an enticing style.

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