This Is What Happens When You Confront Lord Jacob Rothschild

Lord Jacob Rothschild Confronted

Rothschild, is coming out of a building thinking about doing whatever, then these guys who look like press are trying to talk to him, obviously he doesn’t G.A.F about their stupid questions so he walks away, then they call him out and he’s like “Oh really? just try.”

The way he turned around into attack mode the moment he heard “New World Order” was kind of spooky wasn’t it???

And that shrug was like “Well, what can you do about it?”

Blaming and attacking a highly successful group of people is definitely NOT the way to take them out of power.

I believe their time is limited. In the age of information/internet, their manipulation tactics have been exposed to the masses.

Funny thing about manipulation is when people become aware, it loses it’s effect.

The next part is people need to stop obsessing about becoming millionaires. Don’t you see how this dream of money plays into their power?

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We don’t need anything, all we need is food, water and shelter. Name brands and money is what causes immoralities and enslavement. In today’s time a Louis Vuitton purse will make her bend over!

The universe did not create currency, the oppressors did, the plantation owners did!. Easier lifestyles offered by the oppressors is what is enslaving us. It also what is killing us and the world environmentally due to mass production.

We are the ONLY species that does not live off the land and we are the ONLY species killing ourselves and the environment. We have to go back to our roots and forget about currency and cultivate trade.

We need to demolish borders because there is no such thing as Russia or the United States, they are just different plantations!


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