This is how you win an argument about climate change.

Another climate change conversation goes sideways.

Nice try, skeptics.

Some climate-change deniers suggest that the 0.04% amount of the trace gas CO2 in the atmosphere falls far short of what it would take to make a difference.

Climate Adam demonstrates in a radical way that a teeny bit of some things is just too much.

Here are some other things we know about that are deadly in teensy doses:


If there’s more than 0.00003 ppb (that’s parts per billion, my friend) of dioxin in drinking water, the EPA wants to know about it. Pronto.

Inorganic mercury.

Again, more than 2 ppb in water, and there’s a problem.


This stuff, formerly used in manufacturing, is also deadly to drink. The EPA reckons anything over 0.5 ppb is an issue.

And then there’s arsenic.

So, yes, 0.04% carbon dioxide is honestly a bad, bad thing.

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