These 20+ Street Art Images Testify Uncomfortable Truths

The catharsis that comes from awakening to the world’s happenings is often eclipsed by the realization of what we – as humans – have caused destruction-wise upon the Earth.

In case you’re not aware, the global temperature has increased 1.7 degrees Fahrenheit since 1880, the global average sea level has increased 7″ over the past 100 years due to melting ice caps, and now carbon dioxide levels are at their highest they’ve ever been in over 650,000 years.

One way to slow bring awareness to those who may live in the shadow of delusion – ignorant of the effects their actions have and sustainable alternatives they might employ – is to creatively share messages in high-populated urban areas.

And in the dense thicket of apartment buildings, skyscrapers, and public plazas, exterior walls of concrete buildings become the perfect canvas to display such messages. As shown below, simple slogans and provocative images can do a lot to inspire people to action, or at least remind them about the important issues they might be missing.

Following are 20+ powerful street art images that express a lot with few words.

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As the world moves to cities, so does art. And just as art can inspire political action and resistance, so too do the walls of the city become canvases for important street art messages.

The graffiti and street art on this list is perfect for spreading messages about environmentalism and climate change to a wider audience.

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This street art uses simple slogans and provocative images to spread important and inspiring ideas in ways that are easy to remember. Such art can inspire people to action or at least remind them about important issues that they may have forgotten.

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