The World According to Monsanto

World According to MonsantoThe World According to Monsanto exposes the shocking story of how the new “green” face of the world’s leading producer of GMOs is no less malign than its PCB and Agent Orange soaked past.

Monsanto currently controls the majority of the yield of the world’s genetically modified corn and soy ingredients, which are found in more than 95 percent of American households, and It’s alarming legal and political tactics to maintain it’s monopoly have become the subject of worldwide concern.

Monsanto is the world leader in genetically modified organisms (GMOs), as well as one of the most controversial corporations in industrial history.

This century-old empire has created some of the most toxic products ever sold, including polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) and the herbicide Agent Orange.

This film puts together the pieces of the company’s history, calling on hitherto unpublished documents and multiple first-hand accounts. Today, Monsanto likes to style itself as a “life sciences” company.

Monsanto, the world’s largest producer of genetically engineered products, claims their patented GM seeds and bovine growth hormone (BGH) will increase worldwide production of agricultural, dairy, meat, and Bt cotton and can eradicate world hunger and poverty.

In the light of its troubling past, can we really believe these noble intentions? This documentary uncovers the numerous alarming practices of the multinational agribusiness corporation.

The history of Monsanto is filled with disturbing episodes: Misleading reports, collusion, pressure tactics and corruption.

Behind its clean, green image, Monsanto is tightening its grasp on the world seed market, striving for market supremacy to the detriment of food security and the global environment.

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