The Truth About The Wars of the USA

The Truth About The Wars of the USA

Do our politicians ever lie to justify war?

It’s easy to believe politicians in other countries lie to justify their wars. And it’s even easy to believe a U.S. President would do so—as long as he’s a member of another party!

But if we expect other people to question the claims of their leaders, then we must do the same with ours.

We will show that our politicians have lied to justify war, and that these lies endanger the American people.

There is a reason why they couldn’t find any nuclear weapons in the middle east.

A History of Lies

We want to trust our President. And many of us were impressed by Colin Powell’s presentation to the UN Security Council. But anyone can convince us of anything, if they don’t share all the evidence.

You won’t hear all the evidence about the Iraq conflict from our politicians, or from most of the “ambulance chasing” media. But you can find it in history books, in investigative journalism, and even in government reports that rarely see the light of day.

Historians now know that many of our past conflicts were based on lies. Sadly, the full list of these lies would fill many pages covering conflicts over several decades, and spanning every part of the globe. Some of these past lies are exposed here, but please realize that we usually don’t learn the whole truth about our wars until many years later, when the damage is already done. Could this be happening now?

Our answer is yes. But this time we don’t have to wait for the future history of Gulf War II to be written to know that its justifications are based on a thin tissue of political lies. We can know this now because history is repeating itself.

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Many of the leaders who gave us Gulf War I now want to start Gulf War II. So we can judge their credibility now by examining what they did then. The past actions of the Bush Presidents, and their family retainers like Cheney, Powell, and others, expose the lies they are telling today.

But the best political lies are usually wrapped in layers of truth, the better to deceive, and so it is in this case.

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