The Smartflower Solar Panel – the world’s first all-in-one solar system


Smartflower: Simply smart. Simply efficient. For twice the degree of self-utilisation

The stylish Smartflower Solar Panel uses two-axis tracking to follow the sun during the day, resulting in up to 40% more efficiency than traditional solar panels.

In the morning, Smartflower unfolds itself completely automatically. It directs its solar modular fan (with a surface area of 18 m2) towards the sun and begins producing electricity.

Thanks to dual-axle sun tracking, the fan moves reliably along with the sun throughout the day.

In comparison with the static rooftop system, the unit starts earlier to produce the exact amount of electricity you need. It consistently maintains the electricity supply and even uses the energy from the last sun rays efficiently enough to cover your early evening electricity requirements. Only then, does it close up automatically to its secure place.


Thanks to its extraordinary construction and the perfectly synchronised components, the system delivers, on an average, approx. 4,000 kWh per year, thus fulfilling the complete average electricity requirement of a household in the central European region.


The size of the system alone is no longer the measure of all things. What counts is a fairly constant production rate during the course of the day, in order to enable a more effective use of the produced energy.

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Smartflower POP achieves a degree of self-utilisation of around 60% – a significant improvement over a comparable rooftop unit, which averages just around 30%. Now that is what we call smart!

The Smartflower is also weather proof and able to sustain hail and rain. There’s no official price at the moment but it’s expected to be around £15,000 ($23,000).

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