The Role of Perception Control

“Perception Control = Emotional Control = Mind Control”

“Control” is the operative term. Is information presented with frequent repetition and passion? Or is information kept totally secret – or judicially enshrouded with shame (“A ‘good’ person wouldn’t go there”)?

Is the “controlled” information factual, or has an illusion been created? The American media re-packaged the Muslims in the Balkan region as “Ethnic Albanians,” ignoring the Islamic role and their association with both bin Laden and the CIA. No one of prominence questioned the descriptor. Overnight a previously unheard of organization, “The Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe” (OSCE) “recognized” new Balkan countries – instantly admitted into NATO.

Thereafter, Yugoslavia’s put-down of an internal rebellion was re-packaged as an attack against a NATO member & the Balkan War was on. The “Serbs” were attempting to return to their traditional Balkan homes, in the fashion of Jews returning to modern Israel. The media re-packaged their attempts as some form of invasion & the war progressed against Yugoslavia.

In the end, the ‘new’ nations borrowed billions from the International Funds & all sins were forgiven. The illusions worked! It was all a matter of “Controlled Perception.” The ‘new’ nations were now ‘controlled’ through the banking system.

America was content to believe (perceive) that they had rescued the deserving and victimized “Ethnic Albanians,” who made a good living smuggling heroin out of Afghanistan. America didn’t figure out the last part. By any rational logic, when the Taliban shut down the associated opium production; 9-11 was “on.”

“Perception” implies “impressionability;” does factually presented information penetrate the psyche of the intended audience? If American War Crimes are broadcast in Swahili; will the message ‘reach’ the exposed American audience? Extremely unlikely – even when translated into English.

Perception is also a function of “registration,” or “depth of consciousness.” Senator Warner reported on “Larry King” that the Afghan high-altitude food drops were practiced for nearly a year, before taking place over Afghanistan. How many spotted the time-line, asking why the drops were practiced for nearly a year PRIOR to 9-11? The presented information didn’t “register.”

“Perception” is also a function of resistance to ‘registration,’ – “denial.” All the clues in the world point to 9-11 being an inside-job; yet, few on the planet will tolerate the information to penetrate their belief system. Just the suspicion alone, results in global “shell shock” being effected.

The sum of trustworthy post 9-11 information points to American War Crimes, in the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq. The thought is too horrible for most to tolerate – “denial” takes the day; “registration” will be minimal. The elements of ‘time,’ ‘distance’ and ‘shielding’ protect against the exposure to horrible facts.

“Perception Control” also relies on the element of “identification.”

A tribal leader in Africa commits genocide on a rival tribe – to the tune of millions of deaths. “America” can’t ‘identify’ with the problem; little is said or done. With racial apartheid being reversed in Africa; war, civil war, starvation and the AIDS epidemic deny Caucasian ‘identification;” Africa has been cleared to die, save some profitable enterprises, benefiting American corporations – whether drug companies, diamond & mineral companies or arms dealers.

Conversely, with the coverage of 9-11, and the associated propaganda, America “identified” with the supposed threat of Saddam Hussein – per the media presentations. The factual non-connection of Saddam to 9-11 made little difference; fear ruled. “Perception Control” and “authority” took command of the American psyche. The UN reported that no viable evidence of Saddam’s alleged WMDs could be found. That information came from ‘boots-on-the-ground’ inspectors. The media didn’t report that finding to any appreciable degree; the war was on.

In Hermann Goerings famous description:

“All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the peacemakers for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in any country.”

It was all in the “perception” and “authority.”

“Perception Control” additionally implies the element of “pertinence” and “regard.” If the media reports a tree falling in a forest; does anyone care? If an expose’ cites the media for NOT reporting that tree falling, does anyone care?

In the fashion of “..the dog that didn’t bark,” when something representing a major concern is methodically unreported, what pertinence and regard goes with that non-reporting carry – if any? Silence can be constructively ‘deafening.’ In the aftermath of 9-11, it was reported that the NSA furnished the FBI with only useless information. With second thought, it is worth asking whether that data, instead, represented the fact that the purported ‘terrorists’ simply didn’t exist, in the first place. Certainly, the last premise is more easily supported, than the ‘official’ version of 9-11.

As of the end of 2005, globally, somewhere around 160 people were killed over three years by the “Bird Flu.” The common cold and ‘regular’ flue kill radically more, with associated pneumonia. Yet, the American media keeps reporting the “Bird Flu” information, as though it was an airborne variant of HIV. To date, the American public is trying to discover the importance of such a minor killer, oblivious to the fact that the American tax coffers are being drained, as though there was a viable “Bird Flu” threat to America.

The media won’t track the “research” money, nor report on the low element of “pertinence” to the safety of Americans.

The media does NOT report the associated methodical draining of the U.S. tax coffers by war or other “government” expenses. The Pentagon, alone, hasn’t accounted for trillions of dollars – but the media won’t report information which is ‘pertinent’ to the American worker, or allow for adverse ‘regard’ for that information.

Similarly, the media evades the “pertinence” and “regard” behind the fact that $40 billion American tax dollars haven’t rebuilt a single “Katrina” home in New Orleans. Those who got rich on the “Katrina” money come under the ‘authority’ banner of “Don’t ask; don’t tell.”

“Perception Control” also relies on the element of “identification.”

The media doesn’t report the incremental shutdown of the Medicaid and Social Security System – ignoring the fact that the affected Americans PRE-PAID their own benefits. The recipients are, instead, treated as parasites. Imagine being labeled a ‘parasite’ for collecting on an automobile insurance policy, following a bad car crash.

“Perception” is a function of specific focus (control). In the current time frame, the NSA domestic spying scandal is the “American uproar” – ignoring the fact that the Pentagon had a comparable domestic spying program – both being illegal as hell. With the media being ‘focused’ on the NSA domestic spying scandal, America is distracted from the most important of the two issues, inadvertently ignoring the Pentagon domestic spying scandal – and the related “Posse Comitatus” law.

Applying “Perception Control,” the media authenticated “authority,” by relaying the ‘opinions’ of White House Lawyers – one of whom was conveniently made head of the Bush Justice Department. The “perception” is that attorney opinions somehow cancel laws and judicial rulings. America overlooks the fact that attorneys render only ‘opinions;’ courts render interpretations.

Psyops tactics aside, lying with passion in your voice doesn’t manufacture truth. Anything approaching “Gestapo” is as Anti-American as it can get.

So, how does one sort out the domestic “spy” business?

  1. Attorneys render legal OPINIONS: Courts render legal INTERPRETATIONS. Yet, a team of White House Lawyers is cited as the spying ‘authority’ to bypass the FISA law. Attorneys are constructively enacting laws.

  2. The Iraq campaign didn’t involve a “Declaration of War.” The authority was the “Authorization for Use of Military Force.” (AUMF) There is a radical difference between the two. [Note the term “military”]

  3. If the AUMF is cited as the “spy” authority, then note the AUMF provision – “….- Nothing in this resolution supersedes any requirement of the War Powers Resolution.” (15 days, max on warrantless wiretapping.)

  4. If the NSA isn’t considered to be ‘military;’ then FISA mandates warrants.

  5. If the NSA is considered to be ‘military,’ then the “Possee Comitatus” statute and the associated military guidance additionally prohibit the “search and seizure” MILITARY authority, that Bush claims.

  6. Remember that the Pentagon had an independent and illegal domestic spying program. While the military can legally receive domestic intelligence, as an act of opening its own mail, Title 18 mandates the relay of the information to the appropriate law enforcement agency (FBI). Failure to do so is “Misprision of a Felony,” under Title 18.

  7. With the White House keeping the Mexican border as wide-open, as possible, how much factual “terror” can there possibly be?

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