The Government, Corporations, Banking System, In Few Words

Corporations- Food Industry

Foods, the food industry is abundant with GMO’s (Genetically Modified Organisms). What these plants and more recently animals are are the products of lab geneticists manipulating the genetic structure of organisms in order to make them grow faster. The modifications shorten the life span of the plant or animal yet increase the size in a shorter duration.

Is it really that healthy to consume the flesh of a mutated organism?

Doesn’t it take time for the cells to mature for a reason?

How much nutrients are lost in the process of over stimulated growth and how much are we losing out on in our daily diets?

If our health suffers who profits from the sick?

GMO’s are not always the culprit in our society. Let’s take the farms for instance. In the beef industry cattle are pumped with steroids. Their feed is laced with unhealthy amounts of it for them to grow much fatter and much sooner than nature intended.
In the poultry industry it is much the same with the feed. We regularly ingest these animals and plants that are far less nutritious than they were in previous generations.

Recently as I write this, the Government passed a bill which gives Monsanto, the Corporation Body responsible for most commercial GMO foods legal rights that only their products would be available for agricultural uses worldwide where regulated. Monsanto, the corporation that in the late twentieth century prospered by creating and distributing pesticides, agent Orange amongst them, now controls the food supply.

Corporations- Energy

Throughout time as we progressed this has been the driving force of the economy. Without energy we would not be able to turn on the lights at night. We would not be able to keep warm in most suburban homes. We would not be as technically advanced. Medicine would not be as it is today and many would be ill and perish without it. Energy is a vital role to our society.

We all know where it comes from. Coal, hydro, Oil. We work long hours to keep the lights shining, neglect the family to afford fuel for our vehicles in order to work the long hours needed to pay for the power bill. We wage wars and atrocities on innocent civilians for oil to make this all possible.

What if there were a cleaner power source available? Would this be beneficial to all of us? Perhaps not some, those in power who stand to lose the most.

There was an inventor named Nicola Tessla. This man created a device. This device as he claimed was able to harness energy from the air and convert it into useable energy. Shortly after Nicola made his claims known his laboratory was destroyed. It is a known fact that the people who destroyed this man’s lab were paid to do so by the Oil Industry.

Over time many have claimed to have invented similar devices. History shows that these people often end up dead or simply disappear, along with their patents.

Banking System

The banking system is a fickle system. You walk into a bank and deposit a few dollars. The banks take your money and hold it in their computer systems. Here it is just a number.

The central bank of any country sets a percentage amount for which each bank within the system is allowed to collect interest on. In the U.S this amount is 10%.

A man walks into a bank and deposits $10,000 into his account. The bank then sets aside 10% interest.

Another man walks in and asks for $9,000 for a car loan. The bank gives out the money from the other mans past deposit. The lender then pays the car seller. In another bank within the same banking system he deposits the money. All the while the interest of 10% after each banking transaction grows. The cycle continues with people lending and making deposits, all the while the interest grows. Over time the original $10,000 has grown to $100,000 by  interest alone.

The central banking system in any country are the ones who set the interest rates of each bank under them. The central banking system are also the ones who lend out money to the corporations, with special interest. What that amounts to is closely guarded.

The Top

Who runs these banking systems? Who are the financial elite? Who controls and infiltrates the corporations who tell the Governments what to do? They sit at the top. They are few and they are wealthy and the control the system laid out. They are a small number of people, split into thirteen families. They are:


  • Rockefeller
  • Rothschild
  • Reynolds
  • Russell
  • Van Duyn
  • Onassis
  • Li
  • Kennedy
  • Freeman
  • DuPont
  • Collins
  • Bundy
  • Astor[/starlist]

These are the names of the small number of people who control the system. They are few. Few because they keep their family small. Though the numbers are small based on the names given, they control an extraordinary amount of power. Power held in the hands of the few.

By Anonymous Writer

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