The Day Before Disclosure

The Day Before Disclosure is a film that documents the growing awareness of UFOs around the world, and the subsequent build up to what could potentially be the single most important event in human history – the day the presence of extraterrestrial entities on and around planet Earth becomes a world wide accepted reality.

This documentary tells the story of the witnesses that were ridiculed, the researchers and reporters that were not believed and the government and military personnel who were sworn to silence.

It is a story which shakes the very foundation of established knowledge, and brings us on a journey all the way from the darkest abyss of despair, through to the brightest hope for the future of humanity.

What if we were not alone? What if the hundreds of thousands of people claiming to have seen unidentified flying objects, in fact had been witnessing extraterrestrial spacecraft?

What if the thousands of people all over the world who tell of their encounters with alien beings through friendly contact or even forced abductions, were actually telling the truth?

What if our governments had known about an ET presence for more then half a century, if they were in possession of alien technology that had the potential of changing how our world is run, and they choose to keep the public in the dark through a secret campaign of suppressed information?

What if that campaign acted a chain around the ankles of humanity, keeping us from rising to a whole new level of consciousness, and understanding ourselves, our planet, and the universe around us? And what if that campaign ended tomorrow?

The first decade A.D. (After Disclosure) might be like a high-tech 1960s, spawning massive cultural and societal change. Abductees could file class-action suits against the government for withholding critical information.

All of the textbooks on planet Earth – from history to science – would need to be rewritten. Whether full disclosure leads to social panic or ushers in a new era of unity and peace, it will undoubtedly be a completely game-changing event.

Since the first major wave of UFO sightings in 1947, the number of people who believe that some UFOs are of extraterrestrial origin has steadily risen. Today a majority of Americans, as well as other global citizens, believe that this is so, and at least five percent claim to have personally seen a UFO.

Over sixty years into this silent revolution, we are now beginning to see the outline of a clandestine reality that has been creeping up on us for some time. This reality was repressed by one generation, and turned into a laughingstock by the next, it now demands full attention in ours.

The evidence that something very strange has been happening is voluminous and convincing, you only have to look for it. Over the years, determined researchers have forced the release of once-classified documents prepared by the U.S. government and other nations.

These reports chronicle the accounts of thousands of highly credible eye witnesses, including law enforcement, military pilots, and even astronauts.

Most of the public now rejects the notion that all sightings of unidentified flying objects can be explained as prosaic phenomena such as weather balloons, swamp gas, flares, ball lighting, clouds, or mass hallucination.

Instead, it seems that people have arrived at the conclusion that a certain percentage of UFOs are best explained as being intelligently controlled extraterrestrial craft.

Nothing can be kept secret forever. Our society is changing so rapidly, and so completely, that we probably won’t even be able to recognize ourselves in a hundred years from now.

Do we actually think that something as profound as the existence of Extraterrestrial beings on planet Earth can possibly continue to be kept a secret in a world with intelligent computers, advanced quantum computing, and practically unimaginable developments in global communication.

At what point between now and then will humans finally know the truth about UFOs, and when will there be an open acknowledgment of ETs in our world?
It might be as soon as next week, or it could be several generations away, but It will happen. The wall of official denial which has been in place for over 50 years is now showing cracks.

And although an acknowledgment that “UFOs are real and some of them are extraterrestrial spacecraft” will not end the debate, and will most likely only lead to more questions. It might also mark a new phase of the mystery.

Would a full Disclosure create mayhem? Lead to social panic? Undermine religion? Destroy the stock market? Or will it lead to revolutionary new technologies, extended life spans, and world peace?

If other civilizations have sent their own explorers across the universe to visit us, who are they? What are their intentions? And why would some of our fellow humans keep the news of their arrival from the rest of us?

How will unmasking a truth of this magnitude effect our reality, our way of life, our culture, and our society? Is it possible that these beings are not just “visitors” from another part of our universe, but are actually full-time residents of our world aswell?

Are exotic physics involved, such as the use of other dimensions or time travel?

An objective assessment of the solid evidence, most of which is freely available through previously classified documents obtained via the Freedom of Information Act, tells us that military from all around the world have been plagued by UFOs.

There isn’t any other way to characterize this. Highly sensitive and restricted air space has been repeatedly violated by anomalous objects that were tracked on radar and seen visually by base personnel.

Numerous attempts to intercept these objects have often been made, all of which seem to have been unsuccessful. The formerly classified reports describe unknown objects performing maneuvers that would destroy our best fighter aircraft.

UFOs are said to be able to hover indefinitely, and then accelerate instantaneously. Witnesses frequently described them as circular
or disk-shaped, giving rise to the term “flying saucer.”

If we read only one or two such reports, we might just be inclined to dismiss them as some kind of mistake; unknown natural phenomena, equipment malfunctions, or some form of perceptual error. But hundreds of such reports have been found to be in existence.

Their tone is very serious. Higher level military and intelligence personnel often discussed them and were left perplexed and sometimes distressed.

The general scenario is quite clear. Advanced technology has been traversing the Earth. Whoever it belongs to, it is technology that should not exist – and yet it does.

It appears that individuals in strategic positions of power were able to create and maintain a system of secrecy designed to keep the rest of the world in the dark.

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