The cost of your life

You can affect the cost of your life radically by examining yourself to determine what your real needs are. We blame the government and the elite for the high price of new directions in life and this is certainly part of it. The other part of the reason for life costing so much is what individuals think they need.

When you climb a mountain you are going to carry what you need on your back, you only have to climb one mountain to know that you will do some serious thinking about what you need for the next climb. In our world today we are surely carrying what we think we need.

You can start with basic survival needs and go from there. It is just a matter of how “light” you can get your life and how much of your “needs” you can redefine, evolve or disintegrate. What are needs anyway? Do you want to take a piano up the mountain with you. You won’t try that but once.

My observations all over the world show me that many people get what thy think they need and the process of getting it leaves them with no time to use or enjoy it. Does this mean time is one of our needs? Is quality of life one of our needs? Is owning our life one of our needs?

There is a fight going on to provide people with more freedom to take care of themselves in ways that respect and understand the ways of the planet. This fight is with lawmakers and government institutions.

There is a fight going on to use less of everything, to live much lighter and hear the voice of the planet. This fight is with ourselves.

[highlight]SPEAK OUT[/highlight] to legislators about fast tracking green building methods and systems.

[highlight]WHISPER[/highlight] to yourself to take less and give more to the planet we live on.

treeThe present shows us that the future is going to require significant changes and evolutions in humanity for there to even to be a future that involves humanity.

The present shows people struggling to decide which direction to go from here. There is much discussion and rhetoric to this effect. One thing is for sure, we need to depart from our present methods of living on this planet.

The current global condition for humans is like a group of people standing on a big rock and the rock is rapidly heating up to the point that their shoes are melting. They are arguing about why the rock is turning to hot lava and who’s fault it is and which way to go while their feet begin to burn. Logic in this situation would have it that…

Any place is better than here, lets leave.

There is not that much that is right with the present way of living on this planet. We cannot crystallize the new direction with laws or doctrines.

We will always be leaving the present until we find an eternal present and the confluence of humans with each other and the planet.

Native peoples, plants and animals existed for many millennia without an adverse affect on the Earth’s ability to support life in general and humans in particular. These beings encountered earth phenomena for sustenance. They did not have an “economy”. They did not have “garbage”.

In the short amount of time that modern humanity has been around we have managed to have serious adverse effects on the ability of this planet to support healthy human life. This modern human economy has bred for us a thing called garbage. Are economy and garbage the ingredients that have caused modern humans to adversely effect the Earth’s ability to support a flourishing human existence?

The modern world has an ailing system that tries to sustain a monstrous and oppressive economy, an economy that is supposed to sustain the people, it doesn’t succeed. A greater world would have a system made to provide for the people…and the nourishment of the people would sustain a more insignificant economy. Sustenance means the provision of comfortable shelter, water, electricity, food and sanitation for every man, woman and child on the planet. Where as economy should not be a beast that unless it is happy and balanced the people suffer. It should not be a beast that expels mountains of garbage all over the earth. It should not be a beast that wars are fought just to feed it. Economy should be an insignificant aspect of an independently healthy and secure human existence. Economy is the result, not the means, of sustaining people.

The modern world economy produces garbage on an insane level. A greater world based on the needs of the people would transform and consume garbage. Garbage is the result of economy. Sustain the people and you will transcend economy. Transcend economy and you will transform and eliminate the very concept of garbage. Transcend economy. Transform garbage. Create a better life.

The key to having a better life for all people is found in the sustenance for all people…not just some people, but all people.

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