Sorry, KFC isn’t going to be selling weed in Colorado restaurants

At least not anytime soon


KFC is to become a marijuana dispensary as well as a restaurant?

The internet has been salivating at the prospect of getting stoned and eating fried chicken this week, after reports circulated that KFC is to become a marijuana dispensary as well as a restaurant.

A story on Racket Report claimed that with tax revenue from sales of the drug being so high in Colorado, KFC wanted a piece of the action, with the added benefit that its chicken would see a boost in sales thanks to the munchies.


The KFC Corporation was approved on February 3, 2015 for their Marijuana Retail Recreational Pot / Medical Marijuana Occupational Business License.

Currently, 42 of the nearly 100 KFC franchises in the state of Colorado have added this “option” to their menu.

“In order to be successful, a deep understanding of the market is critical to success,” says KFC spokesperson William Rausch. “It’s all about evolution and we are ready to serve the needs of the people of Colorado.”


It looks to be false for several reasons however:

– Racket Report has carried a lot of hoax stories in the past

– KFC hasn’t mentioned marijuana on its official news page

Marijuana sales are currently cash only which would make things tricky for the chain

– Marijuana is still in somewhat of a legal grey area and probably not crystal clear enough for a giant brand to start slinging it

– KFC doesn’t even sell alcohol, so they’d really be jumping in at the deep end

A mock-up of how a KFC dispensary might look on Racket Report

While weed might not be hitting KFC any time soon, with sweeping legalization in the US this sort of thing is inevitable.

Only yesterday, Ben & Jerry’s said they’d be up for creating cannabis-infused ice-cream once it’s completely legal.

The possibility of killing two birds with one stone, or rather getting two birds stoned with one stone, was raised by a viewer during a a HuffPost Live interview with co-founder Ben Cohen.

“Makes sense to me,” he said in response to the suggestion.

Jerry Greenfield wasn’t completely on board with the idea – marijuana would presumably need to be fully legalised in every state/territory in which the company sells first to make it worth their while – though he said that he and his co-founder “have had previous experiences with substances.”

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