So You Thought Bernie Sanders Won the New Hampshire Primary? Think Again

So You Thought Bernie Sanders Won the New Hampshire Primary Think AgainDespite a crushing defeat by voters in the New Hampshire primary, Hillary Clinton will likely win more delegates in the state — effectively nullifying Bernie Sanders’ anti-establishment popular victory.

At issue are “superdelegates” who aren’t obligated to follow the populace’s vote and are free to cast their choice as they please.

New Hampshire has 24 “pledged” delegates, which do conform to the popular vote.

Sanders now has 13 of these delegates, Clinton has nine, and two remain ‘undecided.’

New Hampshire also has eight superdelegates — “current or former party leaders, including governors, senators, representatives, and former presidents and vice presidents” — whose vote, despite a lack of correlation with the popular vote, counts the same as that of the regular delegates.

Of New Hampshire’s eight superdelegates, six are already committed to Clinton, giving her 15 total delegates so far.

The two remaining superdelegates have still not committed to a candidate at the time of this article’s publication.

Overall in the delegate count, Clinton holds a whopping lead over Sanders, with 394 to his 42 — mostly due to superdelegates.

To garner the Democratic Party’s nomination for president, a candidate must win 2,382 delegates.

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