Sleep Deprivation – Does Waking Up before 10 AM Affect Us?

Sleep Deprivation - Does Waking Up before 10 AM Affect UsThroughout our chaotic everyday schedules, lack of sleep could lead to a nervous breakdown.

One of UK’s noted experts on sleep from the Oxford University’s Sleep and Neuroscience Institute, Paul Kelley admits to this.

According to him, the act of waking up before 9 am and going to work is considered inhumane.

Lack of Sleep Leads to Torture

Perceived as a type of torture, the body, he says, slowly becomes stressed and weakened because of sleep deprivation.

But, multinational companies are barely aware of the negative effects that stress can have on the human body. Wishing to bring changes to all working cycles, during last year’s British Science Festival in Bradford, Paul Kelley stated:

“Your liver and your heart have different patterns and you’re asking them to shift two or three hours. We cannot change our 24-hour rhythms. You cannot learn to get up at a certain time. Your body will be attuned to sunlight and you’re not conscious of it because it reports to hypothalamus, not sight. 

“This is a huge society issue; Staff should start at 10 am. You don’t get back to [the 9 am] starting point until 55. Staff is usually sleep deprived. We’ve got a sleep-deprived society. It is hugely damaging on the body’s systems because you are affecting physical emotional and performance systems in the body.

“This applies in the bigger picture to prisons and hospitals. They wake up people and give people food they don’t want. You’re more biddable because you’re totally out of it. Sleep deprivation is a torture. This is an international issue. Everybody is suffering and they don’t have to.”

One way or the other, Kelley could be right. Even though we do not realize it, our physical and emotional capacities are growing weaker and weaker with each passing second.

Americans also consume 3.1 nine-ounce cups of coffee a day. Could sleep deprivation be the reason?

Sleep Deprivation - Does Waking Up before 10 AM Affect Us 1

Solution Against Sleep Deprivation

Moreover, Kelley adds that a total of about 10 hours per week are lost by UK students due to the fact that they were forced to wake up early in the morning.

His wish to put and end to early wake-up calls, Kelley says could in fact “improve the quality of life for whole generations of children.”

He adds:

“At the age of 10 you get up and go to school and it fits in with our nine-to-five lifestyle. When you are about 55 you also settle into the same pattern. But in between it changes a huge amount and, depending on your age, you really need to be starting around three hours later, which is entirely natural.”

During his teaching period for the Monkseaton Middle School in North Tyneside, Paul Kelley observed significant changes. After moving classes scheduled usually at 8.30 am to 10 am, researchers discovered a significant improvement in student’s grades.

With an increase of 19%, Kelley concluded the experiment as being a success and further emphasized the importance of changing time schedules.

The video below offers further insight on this subject:

It appears all bodies have a “master pacemaker” within the brain, a body clock which affects us entirely.

In-Depth Analysis

Within schools all over the UK,a new implementation took place. By changing all start up hours to fit with the natural body clock, Kelley says the GSE would rise about 10%. Based on reports, more than 30,000 students from England schools are already part of the experiment.

Estimated to last  four years, results of the investigation would be revealed as soon as 2018.

Colin Epsie, one of the leaders over the sleep study, had this to mention to The Telegraph:

“Your parents think it’s because you’re lazy and opinionated and everything would be ok if you could get to sleep earlier. But science is telling us that teenagers need to sleep more in the mornings. Society’s provision for learning is school, but the brain’s is sleep. So we’re exploring the possibility that if you delay the schools start time until 10 am, it will improve learning performance.”


Teensleep On The Way

Oxford university scholars are now attempting to bring to surface new information through a research study called Teensleep. Leading the project with Kelley, we mention also one of his colleagues Russel Foster and even Harvard Medical School professor Steven Lockley.

The aim is to see whether the students from 100 GCS schools are better off waking up at 9am or at 10 am.

“The science of it says they will perform better. They will sleep more, they’ll have less stress and anxiety, and a lower rate of drug up-take both legal and illegal. I can’t predict how much it will improve their GCSE results but I would put money on it being a statistically significant positive change.”

Adults are also prone to having sleep problems. Dr. Kelley thinks a similar change would benefit full-fledged workers. The idea of having to work 9-to 5 hours daily, he believes represents a serious threat to performance, mood,and mental health to people up to the age of 55.

“Current [sleep] patterns increase the risk of diabetes and schizophrenia. It is no coincident that 70% of mental illnesses start between the ages of around 11 and 24. A societal change could see students improve their grades, and boost the health and output of employees.”

Could this actually work? Does waking up before 10 am actually destroy our body clock?

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