Slaves of the Modern Society – Main Factors That Ruin Us

Slaves of the Modern Society Unfortunately, civilization nowadays continues to be dependent on wages. Our choices define us. That’s why we, the modern slaves must endure and strive to make ends meet.

Slaves of the Past

It is true. Although we live a more decent life than our ancestors, we have no economic freedom.

Many are struggling to survive. Working day and night, over the schedule, we still receive the normal pay.

Even though some might have little economic freedom, in the end, they remain still slaves. In today’s world, we have no choice but to work the 40 hours a week.

Overall we live in a controlled society. But, as a matter of fact, it’s not us who are leading it. The society is leading us.

We no longer live during the Industrial Revolution. In Britain for example, people had to put in up to 16 hours a day. Pretty inhumane one might say. But in America, the situation was no different as well.

By 1836, employees were expected to adapt to the 40 hours a week program. Unlike these programs, the 8-hour a day shift was more acceptable.

There is no escaping the capitalist society we live in. Based on research, three main factors have led to the formation of the system we live in: inflation, debt and of course consumerism.

The Three Points in Our System

First, there is inflation.

To put it short, inflation means that the American government needs to be backed up with money. What they do is ask the Federal Reserve for a loan after which they agree to it and buy bonds.

Then many papers are printed in order to finalize the deal. The government prints pieces with “Treasury Bond” written on them and the Federal Reserve prints papers that we know as money.

Then, the newly formed money is deposited by the government in another bank who will ultimately take its cuts in interest and fees.

The process takes place in an electronic form. Almost 97% of the entire sum is registered on the computer. The only problem with this entire process is that it reduces the real value of the dollar.

Times change. Gold no longer runs the show. Unfortunately, the value of money today was trusted to the Federal Reserve who continues printing more and more each day. And for this reason, this type of legal counterfeit is slowly changing the true value of money.

The same can also be applied when citizens receive loans from private banks. For every transaction taking place, the value of currency reduces.  This is the meaning of true inflation.

Let’s look a bit into the past. If we were to take one 1913 dollar, for 2007, as an example, it would need $21.60 in order to match its worth.

Seeing how a devaluation of 96% took place since the Federal Reserve was created, we can now understand how inflation was created.

Slaves of the Modern Society 1

Here Comes Debt

Then, we have debt.

One thing is for sure: once we have a loan, then we automatically also have debt. Thus, it all depends on how big the actual loan is.

Statistically speaking, if at some point everyone manages to pay back all the loans, then we would live in a world where no money is circulated.

Interest plays an important role as well. After receiving the sum of money, the bank also expects that person to pay an additional interest.

Here is where we become slaves to the system again. The entire process must assure that the nation will not be able to escape debt. So, in order to make up for the interest paid, at some point, somebody will eventually go bankrupt.

Maybe desperate times call for desperate measures. But, is this the case?

Now the question on the minds of many people is what has the bank to gain from the 40-hour program?

Studies today did show that on an average, an office worker doesn’t receive even half the money supposed to receive from an 8-hour shift. While wages continue to decline, profits of big corporations are increasing.

The wage amount did rise with only 1.3% in the third quarter. Statistics do show that corporations are doing better than ever lately. Then how come we aren’t paid more?

Last but Not Least, Consumerism

We all know what consumerism implies. More or less, it has something to do with people spending huge amounts of money on services and goods.

But, due to some factors in today’s society ( living costs is one) consumerism appears to pose a negative impact for us. This is why every time we buy something, we are feeding the corporations profit.

This is who we are. Always spending money the wrong way on all frivolous things. There is a connection. Corporations only manage to get to us, the slaves, by making use of commercialism.

Advertisements as a Secret Weapon

Probably, the multitude of subconscious messages that are being shot through are head have something to do with it. How? One word: advertisements.

Here is a list of some of these “messages”.

“Buy now pay later” 

Appeared in 1919 through the corporation General Motors Acceptance Corporation, the firm started to give loans to people who had just bought a car. This gave Americans a reason to open new credit plans for everything.

“Keeping up with the Joneses”

Cars again. Mentality comes along as well. Everyone knows how it feels to want something better. Instead of keeping our old car and repairing it, it seems easier to just buy another one.

“1929-1945 Depression and War”

After WWII ended it became easier to sell. This is exactly what happened. Consumers rushed to immediately spend after the finalization of the war.


The advertisement industry made it possible to blast up the economy.

“Charge it!”

As we advance in time, credit cards came to life. Diners Club is responsible for it all. They are the company responsible for charging for people around the world. Then other companies started to follow suit.

“Bigger is better”

Around 1970, companies started to send credit cards to everyone. What is interesting is that some citizens did not even request it. The boom of the credit card business, even though we were not realizing it, helped enforce the idea that ” bigger is better”.

A Sad Conclusion

Now more people can go in debt even if they still wouldn’t afford it. This is why Congress had to regulate the increase in credit cards.

In the end, companies are the ones who continue to encourage the habit of people to spend more. A documentary called The Corporation managed to highlight on the method.

You can manipulate consumers into wanting, and therefore buying, your products. It’s a game.” Lucy Hughes, co-creator of “The Nag Factor”.

After all this, we can reach the conclusion that the 40-hours program per week only pushes people to spend more. Because all we do is work nowadays, nobody has time anymore to relax.

Technology could destroy us. Sadly, people are spending more on entertainment. Activities such as sports, reading and many more are no longer important.

Struggling to make a living for ourselves is what every one of us is trying to achieve. The “perfect consumer” has thus been born.

The truth is, our race is unhappy and overworked. Companies hit jackpot by allowing, or better yet forcing humankind to pursue false desires. Today a coffee, tomorrow a pizza and then why not a new television or even a car?

No matter the income, at the end of the day people or “slaves” find themselves  wasting money on frivolous items.

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