The Simpsons Just Took Down Trump In The Best Way [Watch]

Watch the clip below to see The Simpsons tear Trump apart in 2 minutes.

Trump 5There are a number of reasons Donald Trump shouldn’t be president, and among them is the fact that he’s racist, narcissistic, knows nothing about foreign (or even domestic) policy, and often puts his foot in his mouth in a variety of ways but never apologizes. In fact, he often makes it worse when he addresses the issue later.

Trump is no stranger to making fun of others for their looks; while the people he insults are typically women, as he is also sexist, he has had his fair share of attacks against men.

Perhaps Trump makes fun of others because he’s insecure about his own looks.

Many make jokes about his terrible fake hair, his artificially-colored skin, and his allegedly small hands, so it makes sense that The Simpsons would take a jab at this facet of his image and take it to another level.

Every flaw you can think of in regards to his personality and appearance is thrown into the mix, making it the simplest, but best, way to criticize Trump.

The stand-alone clip starts off with the question: “It’s 3 AM and the phone is ringing in the White House. Who do you want to answer the call?”

Watch the clip below to see who you would want to answer that emergency phone call.

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