Shelter Residents Get Organic Food – Homeless to the Rescue

Shelter Residents Get Organic Homeless activists are now doing their best to open everyone’s eyes towards a more organic lifestyle. To do so, they even helped with feeding an entire shelter with green foods.

Laws Against the Poor

With each passing day, our view of homeless people continues to change. The truth is they are still people and the persecution towards them needs to be stopped.

The economy and all it’s leaders are in fact responsible for the increasing number of homeless people.

But, at the same time, more defenders are striving to put an end to it all. Who knows, maybe one day America will become like Alberta.

Maybe we will be able to end homelessness.

More and more people are joining the cause. Let’s take one person, for example, who began his ‘Faces of Santa Ana’ program.

Californian artist Brian Peterson approaches the Santa Ana community of homeless people, listens to their stories and paints their portraits.

You may wonder how his actions can actually help them. As a matter of fact, he sells the portraits and then donates all the money to these people in need.

Another advocate for their rights is a former homeless person. After selling book reviews he then buys food for the needy.

These are just a few examples of the many people striving to create a better world for those in need.

Shelter Now Supplied on Organic Products

On the other hand, the law prohibits such actions. By feeding the homeless, people are starting an act of civil disobedience. Last we checked it’s not illegal to help another man. Was it?

Although these people are homeless and rely on the concept of “handout” that does not imply that nutrition should be forgotten.

That is why residents from shelters engaged themselves into community building.

Here is where an organization from Atlanta joins in.

Calling themselves the Task Force For the Homeless, their aim is to restore prosperity and dignity to the homeless.

They also believe that the homeless not having access to healthy foods is the main drawback for their lifestyle.

Shelter Residents Get Organic 1

A new community was created. One in which the homeless themselves started to produce their own food in order to help feed people in shelters.

Shelter Residents Get Organic 2

The processed food they receive no longer does the trick for their health. The rooftop of the shelter is now filled up with 80 beds of fruits, vegetables and herbs.

Now, they have their own personal, healthy garden without having to rely anymore on the mercy of others.

Shelter Residents Get Organic 3

The majority of them are looking forward to a better future.

The sacrifice and hours put into growing their own garden will be rewarded and will manage to help other people that are desperately in need to be given a hand.

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