Secret LSD Tests On British Marines Circa 1964

What happens to the army if you give them LSD? This is documentary evidence of an experiment testing just that, carried out on British marines in 1964.

The year is 1964 and the flower power-fueled decade of the ‘swinging sixties’ is well and truly underway. Schools, banks, the military and other established institutions are all wrestling with how to curb the rise of the world’s newest and “most dangerous” narcotic drug – Lysergic acid diethylamide or LSD.

The rise of the drug during this era was inexorable and with it came a widespread mentality of pacifism and laziness.

After all, who wants to study or fight a war when you can see rainbows and unicorns everywhere all the time?

This posed an interesting challenge to the British army who were looking for new ways to shock and dismay their enemies. Perhaps they could use LSD as a weapon to mindfuck their opponents on the battlefield?

In this exclusive footage from 1964 a troop of British marines try LSD for the first time under the supervision of their commanding officer.

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The result is hilarious. One of them totally freaks out and has to be taken to hospital while the rest flop about on the floor trying not to laugh.

One young solider has such a heavy trip that he attempts to fell a nearby tree using nothing but a spade and his bare hands. Classic!


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