Search Results Joe Rogan on the Mysteries of The Egyptian Pyramids

Joe Rogan goes deep into the ‘what if’ drawer and explores some very interesting theories behind the Egyptian Pyramids.

There are approx 2.3 million stones in the Pyramids of Giza that each weigh between 2 and 80 tonnes , and they are perfectly put in place….

I love Joe Rogan, but he says “they have no idea how they built it”, by which he means the kings chamber.

He states that the stones in the kings chamber “had bore marks made form a diamond bit drill”. And that they don’t know how such heavy of stones were positioned at a great height.

That is partially true about the kings chamber, however there are detailed glyphs in many structures in Egypt telling exactly how they built most of the pyramids.

There is overwhelming evidence at the site of the pyramids showing many techniques the Egyptians took to accomplish their task.

So if the Ancient Egyptians had access to a diamond bit drill, why would they only use it in a few stones in the kings chamber? Why not use it on the entire pyramid itself?

Also the kings chamber is made from granite, which is only a 7 on the mohs scale. It could be cut using simple saws and drills the Egyptians had. As for the heavy stones in the kings chamber it is theorized that the Egyptians had either a ramp leading up to the pyramids or a pulley system.

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