Scott Neeson, The Man Who Gave Up A Million Dollar Salary To Help Cambodian Children

Scott Neeson, The Man Who Gave Up A Million Dollar Salary To Help Cambodian Children

This is Scott Neeson, former head of 20th Century Fox International left Hollywood to save children rotting in Cambodia’s garbage dumps.

He sold his mansion, Porsche, and yacht to set off for Cambodia to provide food, shelter and education to destitute children.

He worked at Fox Studios for twenty six years and last served as its president.

He oversaw the releases of major blockbusters such as: Titanic, Braveheart, Independence Day, X-Men, the Star Wars prequel trilogy and many more.

After a twenty six year career in film, Scott left the industry to establish the “Cambodian Children’s Fund,” and after that there was no looking back.

Scott Neeson now cares for more than 1,000 Cambodian children and their families

It has been almost twelve years since Scott Neeson first set foot in Cambodia in December 2003. He first visited Phnom Penh on the way to Angkor Wat, and there he saw what changed his life forever – Phnom Penh’s garbage dump.

It was a work place for thousands and thousands of forsaken and impoverished children. It was then that he decided to walk upon the path to find better lives for them.

He recalls that the moment he stepped in there, it was the single most impactful moment of his life. The smell was almost visible, almost tactile.

There were kids everywhere, in some cases being left there by parents who did not want them. They were going through the rubbish looking for recyclables, metals and plastic bottles and making maybe 25 cents a day.

Scott Neeson lives in the offices of his Cambodian Children’s Fund, which has helped thousands of students go to school, land jobs and even become nurses and doctors, according to People Magazine.

The organization operates four residential homes, vocational centers, after-school programs, day cares and a bakery, according to the Christian Science Monitor.

In the grand words of Scott Neeson, “There is a moment when a previously neglected or abused child begins to understand that the care given is unconditional and lifelong. That is a magic moment. I believe that every individual has the power to bring about significant change, good or bad. Whether we choose to use that power, and for what purpose, defines our legacy.”

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