Scientists Discovered A Way For The Heart To Heal Itself After A Heart Attack!


Hope for heart failure patients as ‘pioneering’ treatment helps the organ to heal ITSELF

There is some wonderful news for all of the people who suffer from cardiovascular diseases.

Finally there is a therapy which will help our most important organ to heal, even if you have experienced a heart attack.

Many people around the world live with significantly weakened heart function and their heart is slowing down, cases for which there wasn’t any cure.

But now a team of experts from Oxford and UCL started a revolution in cardiology which will change everything.

They came up with a treatment which will encourage the heart, after a stroke, to heal very easy.

Although this sounds as science fiction, with the right encouragement the heart muscle may regenerate by itself in a natural way.

Academic experts now work on speeding up this process with the help of one protein and expect that their discovery will lead to a new generation of medicine for cardiovascular diseases.

To clear things up, cardiac retention may occur after stroke of the myocardium when the heart becomes weaker and can’t pump blood through the organism.

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Unfortunately, ¼ of the patients which were diagnosed with impaired cardiac function die in the next 5 years of their lives and only a small amount of medical treatment or operations may slow down or stop this degenerative process.

A ‘revolutionary’ treatment whereby the heart is triggered to heal itself after a heart attack is being developed

In their laboratory experiments, scientists have discovered that after a heart attack, the heart starts to heal on a natural way and start making new lymphatic vessels which are key for the transport of dead cells and bacteria and with that starts the reparation of the heart.

However, naturally this process is very slow and most often it doesn’t reach full recovery before it is too late for the whole organism.

But it is possible to speed up this process with a little help of a protein named VEG FC. Scientists hope that based on current discoveries they will be able to develop protein therapy which would stimulate the heart to recover fully in the shortest period possible.

“We have proven that patients who have experienced a heart attack, with the right stimulation, can reach great results. Thanks to this protein the lymphatic system activates and stimulates the heart muscle to heal.

In the same time in order to put the heart attack damage on minimum level and to improve the function of blood pumping” – said Paul Riley, Oxford professor.

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His colleague from UCL (University College of London), Linda Klotz, considers that the discoveries about the important role of the lymphatic system are huge and exciting step which will provide the medicine to find a mechanism to heal even other organs after suffering trauma.


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