Russell Brand On Bilderberg 2015: You Don’t Have To Believe The Queen Is A Lizard To Be Angry About Secret Talks

Russell Brand On Bilderberg 2015

As the global elite meet in Austria to decide on issues affecting the whole of humanity and planet Earth, Brand makes a crucial point

Bilderberg is an annual meeting of the world’s elite: Royalty, world leaders, Rothschilds, Rockerfellas, Google, Microsoft, CEOs from the world’s biggest arms, tech and dirty energy corporations, and more who we will never know about. It used to be top-secret. In fact, not so long ago, Bilderberg was so secret that its very existence was a topic of debate. Until ten years ago, even the (all-knowing) mainstream media refused to admit Bilderberg was an actual thing. With the rise of the internet and the alternative (people’s) press, a light has been shone into a shadowy world which is at best undemocratic, and at worst more sinister than you’d like to imagine.

Alex Jones’s views on Bilderberg would definitely fall into the latter category; he is one of the key people to have brought these secret talks to the world’s attention by screaming abuse at so-called ‘Bilderbergers’ through megaphones over the years, and getting into a fight with one of them (UK ex-secretary of the exchequer Ed Balls) on a BBC show in 2013. “It is the Bilderberg group that represents the global corporate fascist shadow government, that is establishing a planetary regime right now,” says Jones.

There are no meeting minutes, no reports, and no interviews. Bilderberg (like the Illuminati) now has a website, and says this year’s topics include:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Cybersecurity
  • Chemical Weapons Threats
  • Current Economic Issues
  • European Strategy
  • Globalisation
  • Greece
  • Iran
  • Middle East
  • NATO
  • Russia
  • Terrorism
  • United Kingdom
  • USA
  • US Elections

This means TTIP, TTP, TSIP, NAFTA, and all the other global trade deals that threaten to hand power to corporations by sacrificing human rights and democracy. Russell Brand’s latest video discusses Bilderberg, and makes reference to David Icke’s theory that the global elite are a reptilian race who came to the Earth before ancient times to (possibly create and) enslave humanity and pillage the Earth’s natural resources.

To some, this seems audacious, laughable, and not worth a response. To others (especially those open to Zecharia Sitchin’s ‘ancient astronaut’ theory), it doesn’t sound far-fetched at all- we humans could likely colonize another planet (and even create a new species), in the next few hundred years.

But that’s not the point: the point is, an elite not chosen by us are meeting in secret to discuss global issues that affect all of humanity, and we do not have the right to know what they are planning.

The ‘conspiracy’ tag attached to the Bilderberg meetings is, therefore unfair and detracts attention from the undemocratic nature of the event by making anyone who cares about this look like an insane moron.

As Brand puts it in his latest episode of the Trews, above: “Some of the most powerful people in the world get together to discuss ideas and trading and their own interests. If you think that’s wrong, does that mean you also believe in aliens and the Queen being a lizard?” Good question, and the simple answer is no. So why does mainstream media have to focus on this aspect of Bilderberg when reporting on the meetings this year?

Here is a brief rundown of how the secret meetings work:

  • The purpose of the conference is to allow eminent (the elite) persons in every field an opportunity to speak freely without being hindered by the knowledge that their words and ideas will be analyzed, commented upon and criticized in the press.
  • All Bilderberg Group meeting attendees are guaranteed privacy.
  • Reporters are never allowed to enter the hotel where Bilderberg Group meetings are held.
  • Participants who are caught dealing with the press, are not invited back.
  • Between 1954 (when it was founded) and 1974, on average 80 persons were invited to each meeting.
  • Up until 1974, and possibly beyond that, there was only one topic discussed at Bilderberg Group meetings. The topic was ‘prospects for the Atlantic world’.
  • The main speakers at Bilderberg Group meetings get 10 minutes to deliver their speech. Other participants are limited to 5 minutes per speech.
  • Security at all Bilderberg Group meetings is of the up-most importance. During Bilderberg Group meetings, they are to be “practically” surrounded by police for the three-day event.
  • The founder Prince Bernhard always tried to ensure that there was a 50% switch in representation at each Bilderberg Group meeting.
  • Any notes or official documentation is to be written in both American English and French.
  • When it comes to voting, the votes of who voted for what are never recorded.
  • Prince Bernhard personally requested that Henry Kissinger attend Bilderberg Group meetings. Also, at the 1974 meeting, David Rockefeller was also in attendance.
  • Prince Bernhard also expected that the ideas that emerged from Bilderberg Group meetings would influence the inner circle to which it’s participants belong.

The Bilderberg site lists some of this year’s attendees, a worrying mix of political figures and corporate sharks who can’t possibly have our best interests at heart. As Guardian journalist Charlie Skelton writes in his usual sarcastic style:

“Europe’s hottest financial potato, Greece, is on the conference agenda, and it’s good to know Benoît Coeuré, a member of the executive board of the European Central Bank, will be there to discuss it in strictest privacy with interested parties, such as the heads of Deutsche Bank, Lazard, Banco Santander and HSBC.

The scandal-hit HSBC and everyone’s favourite vampire squid, Goldman Sachs, are both extremely well-represented at this year’s conference. HSBC in particular by its chairman, its busy chief legal officer, and board member Rona Fairhead, who is also on the board of PepsiCo and chair of the BBC Trust. Good to know the BBC is in such safe hands.

Other financial luminaries on the list include the vice-chairman of BlackRock, the CEO of JP Morgan Asset Management and the president of the Royal Bank of Canada, which is the nation’s largest financial institution. Morgan Stanley will be represented in Telfs by board member Klaus Kleinfeld, who also runs the world’s third-largest aluminium producer, Alcoa.”

So going back to Brand’s rhetorical question, does it matter whether these people are lizards or not? No. What matters is that these un-elected plutocrats are deciding the fate of our planet and the lives of its seven billion inhabitants, and we can’t do jack about it. Is that fair?

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