Ron Paul about militarized police

Ron Paul: Police Are Supposed To Be Peace Officers, Not Warriors!

A voice of leadership and “sanity”….among the INsanity of the DEM VS REP lie. One of Americas last hope.

Ron Paul discusses the recent events in Ferguson, MO, the militarization of the police state, U.S. military action against ISIS in Iraq and the recent indictment of Rick Perry.

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Paul says police are ‘supposed to be peace officers.’ | AP Photo

As violence between protesters and local authorities continues, Ron Paul believes that police departments have forgotten that the Founding Fathers never intended for a nationalized police force, and that local police are supposed to represent the community they patrol.

“Police are supposed to be local people. They’re supposed to be peace officers, not warriors.”

Apparently they think they are warriors with soldier gear…

“To militarize them and give them military weapons…it creates a culture… guns, and tanks and gasses…it’s an an attitude that encourages the police to overreact,” – Ron Paul

Ron Paul, who himself was a member of the National Guard, reminded that their arrival in Ferguson does not necessarily mean that order will be restored.

Even the National Guard is a military operation, I don’t like the military to be moved in…we are seeing the consequences of so many of these mistakes,” Paul said, pointing out the militarization of police led to the arrival of the actual military. – Ron Paul

Govt and democracy is flawed at its root. It was invented 1000s of years ago for small groups of people. It wasn’t meant to control the lives of millions. It needs to be abandoned as an archaic relic of the past that has no relation to the world of today. The only people who benefit from govt are its cronies.

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Ron Paul is the latest political figure to speak out against the DoD program. Democratic Rep. Hank Johnson of Georgia has announced his intention to introduce the Stop Militarizing Law Enforcement Act, which is aimed at ending the 1033 program. Paul’s son, Republican Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky, wrote an op-ed last week calling forcefully for police demilitarization, linking the problem to government intrusion.

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