Why I Refused To Get A Flu Shot

Most people don’t hesitate when offered a flu shot.

flu-shotIt doesn’t seem to bother them or worry them at all. I prefer to know exactly what’s going into my body.

Recently I was notified that in order to continue teaching my nutrition workshops in a local hospital’s wellness center, I’d be required to receive one of their free flu shots.

I was given two options to decline: medical or religious reasons. So I chose to file a spiritual declination.

After submitting my formal refusal of the flu shot, I was notified that I can no longer teach my public nutrition classes at the Wellness Center during flu season because I don’t belong to a church that has a written doctrine against flu vaccines.

I continue to offer my holistic nutrition classes at several other locations in town, and I feel that I did the right thing by refusing a flu shot. Here’s why:

1. The flu shot does not prevent the flu.

The label on the vaccination clearly states that the vaccine doesn’t prevent the flu.

There are 3 to 4 flu strains included in a flu shot based on last year’s “best guess” of what next year’s flu strains might be. Therefore, the vaccine may have nothing to do with any flu strain that is active in your area.

 2. A flu shot can make you more susceptible to other strains of flu the next year.

A recent study from the University of Minnesota found that receiving a flu shot for one strain may contribute to higher risk of contraction and severity from the flu of a different strain the following year. This needs to be studied in depth and long-term before continuing the mass flu shot hysteria.

 3. I work with the public, none of whom are required to have a flu shot to attend my classes.

It seems unfair that I could attend my classes but I cannot teach them.

 4. I don’t work with patients or provide any kind of health care.

In fact, the building is full of other companies who don’t require their employees to receive flu shots.

 5. I don’t like the toxins in the flu vaccine.

There can be many toxins in the flu shot—preservatives, metals, and contaminants that I choose to avoid. For instance, according to the package insert, Fluzone contains formaldehyde, which is a known carcinogen. Injecting these and other toxins directly into your bloodstream bypasses your body’s own filtration and detoxification system it normally uses before dumping what you ingest into your bloodstream.

 6. There can be serious side effects from receiving a flu shot.

That’s why you must sign a waiver when you receive one. If I choose to receive a flu shot, I’ll be required to sign a release of liability in case I do suffer any negative effects. No thanks.

 7. I boost my immunity during flu season with alternative methods.

I like to use garlic, olive leaf extract, Echinacea and golden seal to stay healthy during virus season.

 8. I believe a higher power has provided everything we need to stay healthy.

It’s up to us to take care of our bodies with natural resources whenever possible.

Do you take flu shots? Why or why not?

Source | MindBodyGreen

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