This Is The REAL Reason Flight 370 Disappeared

Why Flight 370 Disappeared ?

Western Journalism explains the real reason why Malaysia Airline Flight 370 disappeared. Nothing is what it appears to be.


Day by day, the story changes: Flight 370 crashed in the South China Sea. Two Iranians using stolen passports highjacked the plane and flew it to Iran to use it as a WMD against Israel. One week ago, the story was that the pilot—Zaharie Ahmad Shah—was a political zealot flying to meet up with the Taliban in Afghanistan. Now, the story is that the plane is at the bottom of the Indian Ocean off the coast of Australia, in which the crazed pilot was out of his mind because of a torrid love affair. He supposedly flew the plane for seven hours in the opposite direction of the intended route, detected by no one—including the nearby U.S. Naval Base on Diego Garcia—in order to kill himself and the 239 passengers on board.

But we’ve discovered the real reason Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 not only disappeared, but had to disappear.

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Credit | WesternJournalism

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