Putin: Brexit Proves UK Can Destroy The New World Order

Putin Brexit Proves UK Can Destroy The New World OrderRussia is hoping for a ‘new understanding’ with a post-Brexit Britain, according to Kremlin sources, with President Putin said to be ‘deeply encouraged’ by the British people voting to back themselves and reject the New World Order’s destructive goals.

According to sources, Putin believes that Brexit is proof the globalist’s destructive agenda is deeply unpopular with real people, and when given a chance they will instinctively reject it out of hand.

‘We must mark today in our calendars as the day the British people stood up to their masters and told them a resounding no. No more.’

Putin vowed to destroy the New World Order in 2016, and it appears people all over the world have started to wake up and take notice.

The President is ‘deeply encouraged’ that his determination to destroy the invasive organisation’s plans is shared by people all over the world, and gaining momentum all the time.

Brexit represents the biggest uprising by the British people against the rulers who run the United Kingdom since the Peasant’s Revolt in 1381, and the New World Order controlled puppets in Westminster are reeling.

All of the elite – politicians, bankers, economists, celebrities – told the people to remain in the European superstate. But the people are waking up.

The Rothschild NWO cabal will be pacing nervously in their mansions, wondering how to deal with this massive, unexpected blow to their globalist agenda. Their roadmap to arriving at a one world government has been complicated by this uprising by the people.

Do not be surprised if the mainstream media attempt to convince you of something deeply disturbing in the near future. Never in history has the NWO had such a firm grip on mainstream media operations.

There is already a push underway to declare the referendum non-legally binding, and plans to hold a second referendum to ensure a different result. London mayor Saddiq Khan is even suggesting the city could secede from the United Kingdom in order to stay in the European superstate.

The New World Order controlled elites in London and Brussels did not expect this blow and they are scrambling to take back control.

Triggered by a massive popular uprising, stoked by wholly rational fears, and fired up by hard facts, Great Britain has regained its place as a powerful, sovereign nation.

The people chose to make Britain relevant again, to take control of their economy, and make themselves respected in the eyes of the world. They have taken the bull by the horns and backed themselves as British.

They have voted for advance over stagnation. It is the answer for our times.

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