Prices Of Cancer Drugs In India Have Decreased By Dramatic 86%

Now more individuals in need of treatment may be able to afford the life-saving drugs.

Prices Of Cancer Drugs In India Have Decreased By Dramatic 86Over the course of the last year, the prices of vital cancer-treating pharmaceuticals have decreased substantially in India, according to The National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority (NPPA).

In a ‘Tweet’, the drug pricing regulator relayed that there has been “a significant price reduction in cancer drug prices since March 2017.”

Pharmaceutical companies which can boast a decrease in the cancer drug prices include Iressa of AstraZeneca Pharma India; Dr. Reddy’s laboratories’ Grafeel; Natco, and Emcure pharmaceuticals, among many others.

Depending on the company, the price reductions range from 86% to 13%. A result of this positive news is that more individuals in need of the life-saving drugs may obtain them at more affordable prices.

According to the Times of India, price reductions were also applied to a dozen various diabetes medications. Price reductions range from 42% to 13%.

Because healthcare is a human right which should remain affordable to all, the NPPA has begun investigating 24 different hospitals that have received patient care complaints about being over-charged.

While the world deserves to know that the affliction of cancer can be benefited through dietary and lifestyle changes, such as adopting an alkaline forming, plant-based diet and improving one’s mental patterns and exercise regime, this positive development is worth reporting.

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