Pot Holes Fiasco – Anonymous Artist Takes it to Another Level

Pot Holes Fiasco What is the world becoming? Unfortunately, the environment is becoming more unstable which each passing day. But, who would have ever thought that just a few anonymous drawings around holes in the streets would help us create a safer place?

The Modern Solution for Repairing Pot Holes

Interestingly enough, everyone in the public is aware how different kinds of pot holes on the streets can become annoying to each and every driver.

It appears a man has now found a solution to this problem.

What better way to force the government to repair the roads, than drawing sketches of penises around these holes?

This is what an anonymous activist discovered after becoming tired of waiting for someone to repair them.

The result is astounding.

Some of these pot holes which have existed for more years now have been taken care of in just a matter of days.

Based on the report of Manchester Evening News (MEN), they are indeed a serious problem for the citizens of Manchester. They say that a road with a length of half a mile could, in fact, hold around 70 or even more holes.

Creativity Has Reached a New Level When Talking about Pot Holes

This artist has done it. By drawing pictures of penises around these holes, the council now pays better attention. And they are taking measure to fix the situation.

“People will drive over the same pothole and forget about it. Suddenly you draw something amusing around it, everyone sees it and it either gets reported or fixed.”

Seeing how all these can have serious consequences on vehicles, the artist decided to make a difference. The so called artist “Wanksy” reported being sick of all the damage which can come along.

More or less, he was driven to take matter into his own hands after personally witnessing one of his friends take part in a bike accident.

Using industrial chalk, the artist managed to get his message through. Because the drawings imply a high level of vulgarity, the city could not ignore this entire fiasco. For this reason, the roads got fixed within 48 hours at most.

The anonymous artist did mention to MEN:

“I wanted to attract attention to the pothole and make it memorable/ Nothing seemed to do this better than a giant comedy phallus.”

Further Opinions

FastCoDesign also comes along and talks about the issue at hand. Even though these images can be shocking to the public eye, in the end, FastCoDesign states this is all done in the interest of the public.

Pot Holes Fiasco 1
Credit: Wanksy

Due to this level of activism, the City Council is repairing the Streets of Manchester. Not only do the roads look better, now drivers feel safer than they did before.

Until this point, many people agree that the method is indeed making a difference.

Even more, Wanksy has his own Facebook page. You would not believe the support that citizens from all over the world are showing.

Wisconsin citizen Matthew Schmock said:

“We need you in Madison, Wisconsin aka pothole hell.”

Pot Holes Fiasco 2
Credit: Wanksy

Another stated:

“Just like Van Gough’s water Lilly’s, another masterpiece. Society thanks you Wanksy, please keep up the fight.”

Interesting, right?

Pot Holes Fiasco 3
Credit: Wanksy
Pot Holes Fiasco 4
Credit: Wanksy
Pot Holes Fiasco 5
Credit: Wanksy

You can also discover more about the artist in the link below. Curious how it all started? Let’s see.

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