Pill Prescriptions Are Outdated – Cannabis Now Taking Over

Pill Prescriptions Are Outdated During the last period of time the pharmaceutical industry and not only, started losing a battle. Unfortunately, cannabis does end up coming out as victorious. Pill prescriptions no longer do the trick.

Failing Profits – Pill Prescriptions are Failing

Along with the alcohol industry, the pharmaceutical system is not sure what to do in order to maintain their financial situation. The fight against cannabis is on.

Cannabis has become a better alternative than any prescription pill. Why? Because people are finding out something not known until now. They say recreational cannabis is not dangerous.

Unlike pill prescriptions, the after effects are safer and not as deadly.

In order to prove this, a survey was made. The reason was clear: to discover which one is better. The result could not have been clearer.

It appears that out of 473 adults, about 87% of them gave up on medicine and alcohol in favor of cannabis.

Even more, the persons under 40 were more likely than the others to pick cannabis.

This is a big hit.  One that could probably lead to Big Pharma’s destruction. The news: over 80% of these people did report they gave up on pill prescriptions.

Users are adopting cannabis for other uses too. 52% of them are using it instead of alcohol, and 32% gave up on illegal drugs and replaced it with cannabis. Can this be the beginning of a change?

Is Cannabis Safe?

Maybe, in time, more and more people will replace dangerous addictive and deadly substances with this miraculous leaf.

“The finding that cannabis was substituted for all three classes of substances suggests that the medical use of cannabis may play a harm reduction role in the context of use of these substances, and may have implications for abstinence-based substance use treatment approaches.

Further research should seek to differentiate between biomedical substitution for prescription pharmaceuticals and psychoactive drug substitution, and to elucidate the mechanisms behind both.”

Right now, The U.S. are facing a great crisis. An epidemic, we could say, caused by painkillers. Those pills are causing more and more deaths by overdose every year.

The Free Thought Project has also reported about this. Also, alcohol is causing more deaths that we have ever seen in the last 35 years.

Mainstream medicine is in danger. The increased number of deaths comes as no surprise. Heroin and painkillers are now the leading cause of it.

Recent results did, in fact, prove that cannabis is the answer. There are just some of the illnesses which can be treated with it: arthritis, multiple sclerosis, chronic pain.

For now, these findings have just been confirmed. Cannabis and not pill prescriptions helps with these conditions. No longer are we to treat our anxiety with Xanax,  insomnia with antidepressants and pills such as Ambien.

Either way, prescriptive drugs may lead to several side effects that can damage the entire human body.

The war on drugs is here. And it’s happening faster than we would have imagined.  Should we continue to remain exposed to cannabis? Or should we enforce our belief in pill prescriptions?

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