Philippine President Orders Immediate U.S Troops Evacuation

Philippine President Orders Immediate US Troops EvacuationAccording to Monday’s recent events, Rodrigo Duterte, Philippine president urged for the evacuation of U.S military forces of their territory.

Stating that the troops stationed within the southern region of Mindanao “have to go“, analysts say, have nothing to do with America.

The evacuation decision taken by Duterte is but a sign.

The Philippines want to depart from the West and reach more towards China instead.

During a broadcast on Radio Sputnik, Dr. Joseph Chang had this to say:

“A considerable segment of the population in the Philippines does not want to see foreign troops, including U.S. troops, in the Philippines.”

Evacuation Orders- Verbal Assaults against U.S Troops

He believes the order given to remove U.S. troops has something to do with Duterte being a populist leader. Furthermore, he hoped to “establish his credentials as a nationalist president.”

The desire to “improve economic ties with Beijing” was seen as one of their goals. At the same time, this would have lead the Philippines to reduce their dependence on U.S. This evacuation is part of their plan, that would allow them to reach those ties.

By calling president Obama ” a son of a bitch”, Duterte engaged even more in verbal assault against the U.S. He claims that America is to blame for their big problems with the Muslims. Thus, U.S presence appears to cause only trouble.

It appears clear why the president asked for the soldiers to leave.

Yet again, he adds, “I do not want a rift with America, but they have to go.” He did not fail to mention the U.S.’s role in blood shed on Philippine soil. During his speech in Manilla, the president reminded how there is still hatred between his citizens and the U.S.

Same feelings have been shared by Ernesto Abella, the president’s delegate. USA Today mentions from a statement within the  Philippines News Agency:

Abella also pointed to lasting resentment over the U.S. military campaign in 1906 that led to the slaughter of hundreds of Muslims in the southern Philippines. Duterte has criticized the United States for failing to apologize for the bloodbath.

As a conclusion to the release, Abella adds: “Hence our continued connection to the West is the real reason for the ‘Islamic’ threat in Mindanao.”

At this point, evacuation does seem necessary.

Going back in Time

Since the 1940s, the Philippines allied with the U.S and before that they were one of their colonies. 2002 was the year the U.S placed their troops in Mindanao. They did this in order to help the Philippines stand a chance against the Muslim terrorist group called Abu Sayyaf.

And so, the wish to approach China becomes clear. The attempt to create stronger ties between the two countries could be obtained through territorial claims.

A case started by the Philippines eliminated all doubt. In July, a court in Hague ruled in favor of the Philippines. Thus, based on the final discussions, China shares no claim to the majority of the waters in the South China Sea.

China has recently proven itself more willing to collaborate with the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). Most of all, China declared they will take responsibility for the South China Sea.

Once more, the external forces come under attention. According to China, America is to blame for many of the unresolved issues.

China and ASEAN are “aware that they hold the key to solving the South China Sea issues, given the increasingly complicated situation, especially interference from outside forces”. These are the words that China’s Vice Foreign Minister said in an article by Global Times.

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